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The next person on Madden Cover

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Cleveland fans f**ked themselves.

14 wins in 3 years. I'm sure they're terrified on what the Madden curse could do to them.

Oh no don't hurt our WHITE RUNNING BACK. With him we're a 5-11 team. Without him we're a 3-13 team. Oh the humanity. Hell if I'm them I'm running under every ladder in town, changing the dawg pound into the black cat pound. Bring on every curse possible and bring on Andrew Luck. That'll change your fortunes.

Just a question and I'm not trying to insinuate anything here as I might not have gotten the tone you were looking for but does it matter if he is white?

If he wasn't white he wouldn't be near the cover of Madden. Yes it does matter that he's white.

He's not an elite back, and he's a good not a special player. Think Mike Alstott. Very good in a 1-2 punch but you can live without him. That's all I was saying.

You think white people are voting for him just because he's white? Sounds like the whole country of China voting Yao for the all star game when he doesnt even play.

Yes he was voted on because he's white. Peyton Hillis would have never ever been considered for the cover if it wasn't for this voting system. Fan voting is the worst thing in sports.

So would it be true if we said that Vick was the other finalist because he got all the black dog killing thug votes?
I think that if it were just because he's white, then Aaron Rodgers would be on the cover.

White QBs are not special, but white rbs are rare. I'm not white, but I voted for Hillis because it'd be funny to see a white rb win, and I'm sure I'm not alone thinking that. So yes, I 100% believe Hillis won because he was white. As for Vick, he was voted for because he's always been popular, and he had a tremendous comeback year as well. It's just too bad for him that the trolls and dog lovers outnumbered serious voters.

Look how far Danny Woodhead got too. I think it's pretty much what you said. White running backs are extremely rare and alot of fans see that and instantly root for the guy.

Hillis probally didn't get very many Cleveland fans stuffing the box for his opponents either. When you have 15 wins in 3 seasons a silly curse is the least of your problems.
he's gonna break his leg coming out of the bathtub
Actually Ray Lewis was a part of the madden curse...

Ray Lewis was the first defensive player to grace the cover. However, 2004 turned out to be the only season in which he didn't record an INT, and the Ravens finished 9-7, one game short of the playoffs. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
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