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The next person on Madden Cover

1) Chris Johnson . Leading rusher and broke record for scrimage yardage

2) Deshean Jackson - has a s**t load of "plays " over 50 yards. Run , catch , PR and KR . I think I heard he has a record for the most plays that long.

3) Favre -? If Vikes win superbowl. Just cuz his nuts are lover by everyone .

4). Chris Henry - would be nice gesture.

5) drew brees- he's just awesome

6.Vernon Davis - Nuff said
I hope VD is not on that cover.
Have they ever put a TE on the cover?
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Chris Johnson will be on the cover
it wont be jackson or johnson, eagles and titan covers happened too nearly in the past..

guys like Phillip Rivers and Tony Romo strike me as possible's depending on how they perform in the playoffs...
Miles Austin
1) Chris Johnson
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
I hope VD is not on that cover.
I would not want to be on the cover. Beware of the Madden curse. Little history of Players who have been on the cover last 10 years

2010 - Poamalu suffers first major injury of career missing 1/2 a season. Fitzgerald
ok so far

2009 - Farve starts hot, injuries arm season collapsed

2008 - Vince Young 9TD's, 17 int lost in playoffs

2007 - Shaun Alexander broke his foot missed 6 games career low 896 yards

2006 - Mc Nabb suffers hernia week 9 misses rest of season

2005 - Ray Lewis missed the curse

2004 - M. Vick broke his leg missed 11 games

2003 - M. Faulk more carries then previous year 430 fewer yards rushing.

2002 - Culpepper missed 4 games due to injury

2001 - Eddie George - made less then 1000 yards

2000 - Barry Sanders retired in 1999 tribute to him

1999 - Garrison Hearst breaks ankle in divisional playoff game misses 2 seasons
while ankle healed

2004 -

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Kory Sheets!
Jimmy Raye
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
I hope VD is not on that cover.
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