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Wow Favre has been Impressive!

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Originally posted by znk916:
Originally posted by Envy:
Originally posted by MadMartz:
The 40 yr old man has 24 tds and only 3 Ints. That just amazes me!

No! Destroy this thread! It is evil I tell you. EVIL!!

Btw for our own sakes, we kinda need to root for Favre next week to rip up the Cards.

No! AP and the Vikings' D maybe but NEVER Favre.
Originally posted by MadMartz:
Originally posted by 5xChamp:
Best talent around him that he's ever had, Makes it fun and easier for him.

Berrian, Rice(2nd year) and Harvin(a rook) is hardly the best talent he has ever had. Thats whats so impressive about it.

Rice and Harvin are playmakers, Count in that massive O-Line and oh yeah someone named Adrian Peterson that very much is arguably the best talent combined he's ever had.
Papa Favre is getting it done.
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
Papa Favre is getting it done.

I hate Favre but he needs to get it done for one more week to the tards. Go old man Favre I am cheering for you.
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He has owned the 49ers, so his continued success angers me to no end.
Brett Favre can rot in hell.
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Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Brett Favre can rot in hell.

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