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UPDATE: Larry Johnson to be released for twitter comments

They say on that site that they confirmed that the twitter account belongs to him. I wonder what the punishment for these posts will be.


It looks like the Chiefs are gonna sever ties with him.
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Larry Johnson is going to get cut pretty soon. That guy is finished.
lol foo isnt leading the team or scored a touchdown.

what is he duinn!!!
What a douche. Take some English classes while you're at it.

Take your money and go away now.
I'm sure people at ESPN will be talking about this tomorrow.
He has hit a new low.
Is this the same LJ who said that he could never play to his full potential under a white coach? I think this had to do with vermeil. This guy has a history of foot in mouth disease.
That guy is a retard.
Am I stupid for not understanding his tweets..

Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Am I stupid for not understanding his tweets..

Essentially, he said his father had more football experience than Todd Haley and would be a better coach (Idk if he was trying to get his father hired) but his main point was that he wanted a coach with more experience (one that actually played in highschool, college nfl)

Then he proceeded to insult the fans, with his main point being that he makes more money than them and they probably make 5 dollars an hour working or going to school.

I think he also told a fan that he (fan) had f*g pic.

LJ ended it by daring fans to make him regret his tweets.
Come on grandmama, just because your stats were dependent on Dick Vermeil's offense, doesn't mean you can blame your fans and team.
If the Chiefs let him go, will Niner Talk pick him up since Sheets got cut?
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Originally posted by Black59Razor:
If the Chiefs let him go, will Niner Talk pick him up since Sheets got cut?

I wouldn't want to play for the Kansas City Chiefs either, LJ!
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