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Mike Pereira (NFL network referee's show) is ...

(sorry for the following hard langage but he only inspires that to me) ... an a$$hole !
On his show he reviews questionable calls by the officials and he always find a way to say the refs were right. Even when it's quite clear they made a mistake.
Of course the last one involved a niner: he said spencer was taunting the WR cos he was looking at him while talking and one camera angle shows clearly that he's looking in front of him not the player !
And the other one during that show : they couldn't have a clear angle on the texans RB fumble on the goalline cos they don't have camera's at the right spot and it's the network which decides ... LOL ! ... tell me that the NFL cannot ask the networks to put two small GL camera's for each game (maybe it's too much of a budget you know, like $1K in a $1M budget).
Sorry but you won't convince me this guy is no a$$hole
There's no freedom of speech when you're part of big bisuness.

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He must be a former Al Davis employee.
what do you expect?

He is the vp (or head) of officials, so why would he bad mouth them?
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