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Who was the bigger bust?

Who was the bigger bust?

Originally posted by King49er:
Patrick Willis

WTF are you talking about, he had Mike Nolan as a coach, his line doesn't help him much, and hes still young, if we had more weapons on defense he would be much more successful!!!!

..........sound familiar???
Originally posted by King49er:
Patrick Willis

How can you vote Carr? He got ruined by a bad O-Line, not even Joe could have survived the record setting pace Carr was on. Guy is lucky to be able to walk.
if smith wins the starting job and doesn't perform well this season with all of the talent, he will be the bigger bust for sure..
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Originally posted by Apples:
Both were #1 overall picks.

I wanna say Carr, just because it was believed that he would be great, a lot of people had doubts about Alex.

Smith still has a chance to change his course because he is younger. Carr just seems like a lost cause.

The BIGGER BUST than either one of those guys, and perhaps THE BIGGEST BUST of All-Time, in my opinion, is Ryan Leaf!

He was only a #2 overall pick, but because of all of the hype that surrounded Leaf and Manning that year, I think he was definitely the bigger disappointment. There was even talk as to which QB should go #1 that year! Some NFL Scouts thought that Leaf would make the better Pro. And many felt that the Chargers would have still picked Leaf if they would have had the #1 Pick instead of the Colts.

And just look at these horrendous Career Stats he managed in his 4 seasons.

1998-2001..... TD:14..... Int:36..... Yds:3,666..... Rating:50.0
Originally posted by Niners99:
well first of all, Smith hasnt played enough to be considered a bust. a rookie season he shouldnt have played in on the worst offense ever, and a injury riddled season where he only started 3 games, sandwiching a semi successful 2006 season. and then last year he was on IR.

Carr had his chances. though i do beleive he could start elsewhere.

Hasn't played enough? Why not just say you will never state your opinion on any sports player until the day after they retire.

Did you watch Alex's first pre-season game? I did.
Did you watch Alex's game when Rocky crushed him? I did.
Did you watch every single snap he played in between? I did.

Anyone who has watched these many plays and has some type of football IQ has enough to make a call. There is no reason to be on the fence anymore cmon.

My football IQ tells me Alex Smith is going to fare exactly as he has before, or possibly worst. I see very little chance he gets better. So, he will end up with a much worst career than won't even be close.

Alex Smith is easily going to end up in the top 5 maybe 3 in busts ALL TIME
Originally posted by King49er:
Right now David Carr,but Alex Smith isn't too far away

what he said......
Alex smiths best season he Rivaled Carrs career best....

that year .....alex had one of the best rushing attacks in the history of the 49ers and A kick ass 1000 Yard WR that has put up 1000 yard seasons for multiple teams.....

David Carr never had a Gore......

Could anyone here actually imagine how much Alex smith would suck behind those early Texas o-lines?

SF's line is LIGHT years better then the early texas' line
Davic Carr, like A. Smith, has happy feet.
Only bc smith has one more chance to prove himself

I reckon they'll wind up just about the same - going from one team to the next as the back-up with the teams who sign them hoping that it was just the previous system that doomed them...and they'll be partially right, but mostly wrong...

We put the hopes and dreams of our franchise on Alex's shoulders, his failure hurts more.
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Alexis Smith
It's a hard call as to who is the bigger bust. Both were basically thrown to the dogs, beaten up by opposing defenses, and never developed properly. Honestly, it seems like a prime example of six-of-one and half-a-dozen of another.
I actually have to go with Smith. Carr had a REALLY bad o-line for his first few years and minimal run support, and was the most sacked QB for a few years. In the few moments he had a shot to prove his worth, I actually thought he looked good. I wanted Alex to be great, but even in his one 'decent' year it was mostly the result of a punishing ground game and he frequently overthrew Bryant that year and didn't look exactly like our QB of the future. Smith, in my mind, is the bigger disappointment here.
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