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Draft Joe Montana's son.

Draft Joe Montana's son.

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Originally posted by Kolohe:
I think he makes it to the practice squad. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Preseason games, I've never watched him before.

Nevermind I take that back.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by DelCed2486:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by susweel:
to do what ?


Now that's what I call high quality H2O.

legendary H2O

I hear the current water boy is highly thought of by the organisation and has a lot of clout. Nate will have to compete with him... it's all about competition around camp, no doubt!

On a serious note, I wish the best of luck to the kid, moving forward...
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Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch

He's Back: Nate Montana attends another #49ers rookie camp.
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