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Draft Joe Montana's son.

Draft Joe Montana's son.

He may never start for us but use the very last pick we have on him to remind the world. Like his father, he isn't matching up to the measurable qualities like arm strength. Walsh would have done it. It is our duty.

No he f**kin sucks
This thread is GOLD!
this thread.. i will tell my grand kids about
No need to draft just sign him as an UDFA if he has a good showing at the local pro day
Tolzien > Montana
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Do it. Then trade him to the Chiefs. That way Joe will never ever come to a 49er function again.
Lol, not sure which of his two sons it was, but dude played at my city college.
Originally posted by valrod33:
No need to draft just sign him as an UDFA if he has a good showing at the local pro day

That's probably the most likely scenario. Give him a chance at camp so when he loses out, he'll get some type of monetary compensation

Knew this was coming lol , i called it.
draft HER instead...

I really doubt Walsh would draft him.
I am from Montana and saw him play during practice and scrimmage games while he was with the Montana Grizzlys. I can tell you that Nate Montana is HORRIBLE! I do not want him on this team. He is not 1/50th as good as his dad. Plus he has off field issues. Dui, drinking/partying. IMHO I wouldn't pick him up even if we got a $million dollar CAP credit. There are reasons why he was on 3 different college teams in 3 years.
Dad might have been able to bail him out of a few alcohol-related incidents and "helped" him become the starter at a few small schools, but as with Coach Lad, I don't think the Montana name will carry much weight with the 49ers unless he's actually good. Fret not, for if/when their NFL dreams are dashed, Nate and Nick will lead very productive lives as trust-fund progeny.
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