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Jessie Williams just makes sense for us in the first round.

The more and more I think about our needs and the type of player we look for Jessie Williams from Alabama just makes sense. He's athletic, strong and can line up at multiple positions on the defensive line. Plus Alabama used him in the backfield on goal line plays and we all know how we did this with Soapoaga. Even with Dorsey I still think he's someone we need. You can never have enough depth at that position. Watch him versus Tennessee and you'll see how he can dominate the line. I like him at 31 for us.
Yes, he's one of 5 or so players that makes a lot of sense.
Williams's stock is all over the place. I think MD still has him going squarely in the first round (not even making it to us), but I've seen him falling to the END of the 2nd in several other mocks. It will depend how Baalke scouts him as an overall player, because BPA will drive our decisions in this draft. Safety or CB might end up a better BPA pick with Cyprien's stock on the rise and potentially having a shot at Vaccaro, Rhodes, or Trufant.
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I think it's going to be Jesse at #31 or #34. Perfect NT for us.
If I had to bet on who our picks would be (meaning, not who I want, but where I think they'd go) I'd guess Cyprien at 31 and Williams at 34.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

He could have a tattoo of blue balls on his face for all I care as long as he can play.
I luv D.Jones even if we had to move up 6-8 picks to get him ...Williams could help N do alot so I wouldn't mind him not sure about a first round pick N maybe not even at #34 we need a S more ..we could pick up B.Williams end of second or B.Logan in 4th or 5th round....
I wouldnt mind Jesse at #31 or 34, he's big, strong as heck, talented and fills a Huge void, nice choice.
Unless he's Vincent Wilfork 2.0 I don't there's a lot of value in taking a nose tackle in the 1st. Plus it's a pretty deep nose tackle class this year.

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Originally posted by tjd808185:
Unless he's Vincent Wilfork 2.0 I don't there's a lot of value in taking a nose tackle in the 1st. Plus it's a pretty deep nose tackle class this year.

I think you are tremendously short-changing him. Williams is talented and rare enough to be a credible potential starter at either DE or NT with good size for both positions. No he's not much of a pass rusher but he's a guy who was one of the top defensive players on the best defense in college football. He's someone who truly can be a difference maker and would greatly improve the depth and effectiveness of the 49ers defensive line.
Ok, I am completely lost on the logic of this board.

Hardly anyone likes John Jenkins for the EXACT SAME REASON they love Jesse Williams.

Is it because Bama beat Georgia?? Or is it some other reason??

Truth told...John Jenkins fits what we do because not only is he a run stuffer, but he is a very quick short area pass rusher who gets great penetration.

Please someone help me understand.
Not with our first pick. We re-signed Ian Williams and got Dorsey, Yolo wouldn't even play much. Our first pick should be a difference maker that actually contributes this year unlike last years first pick (Austin) and our second pick should be a safety, Cyprien or Reid. These guys would make a difference. Im sure we can get someone in the third like Brandon Williams to take up blockers
With all that being said, if he's still there mid second I'd be all for moving up to get him. That's the beauty of having so much ammo, we can pretty much get who we want this year. I love being a niner fan!!!!
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