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Final Cooper Mock Draft (Optimistic)

Originally posted by Cooper22:
haha this is true... but Rang, Brugler, Kirwan, and Prisco do the mock drafts

Prisco, im pretty sure he hates the niners and he is very wishy washy on his opinions
I like it
Just replace d.jones with j.williams and t.harthorne with micah hyde
Would be amazing if it went like that.

Although I think I'd rather take a TE in the 5th instead of a 2nd CB (maybe Escobar or Gragg). Or use that pick on another DL that's more of a NT.
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
If this draft happened I'd bust a nut

I'd bust two. We still need a more proven tight end though.
Not perfect - nothing is BUT it would be a very solid draft.
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Originally posted by gold49digger:
If that is true, I would trade up in a heartbeat. He is bigger, more physical than Austin and just as fast.

The assertion that Patterson is just as fast as Austin is not supported by their combine numbers.

Patterson ran a 4.42. Tavon Austin ran a 4.34. That is a big difference.

In an effort to avoid turning this into a debate about the validity of the combine times, I will concede that Patterson is as fast as Tavon.

Clearly, Cordarrelle Patterson is taller and heavier than Tavon Austin.

You assert that Patterson is more physical than Austin.
I do not understand what you mean by this; being taller and heavier does not make Patterson more physical.
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Yup and you can use him in the same type of Percy Harvin type of role, giving him handoffs and s**t.

You are right, you can hand the ball off to Patterson and expect good results.

In his career, Patterson rushed 25 times for 323 yards and 3 scores.

But, Austin ability as a running back far exceeds Patterson's. Or, at least in seems that way.

Against Oklahoma, Austin rushed 21 times for 344 yards and 2 Touchdowns.
In the same game, he added 82 receiving yards and 146 kick return yards to give him a total of 572 all-purpose yards.
That total put him in 2nd place in the NCAA record book for all-purpose yards in a single game.

In his career, Austin rushed 109 times for 1031 yards and 6 scores.

Comparing their careers is complicated by the fact that Austin played in 52 games over four years.
Patterson played for only one year and only 12 games.

Austin is the most dynamic offensive player in this draft. In four years, he has produced consistently.

Austin is comparable to De Sean Jackson in size and speed, but without the character issues that dropped Jackson into the second round.
[ Edited by buck on Mar 29, 2013 at 4:44 PM ]'s the deal. To get either Patterson or Austin, it'd be very expensive. Attractive as both guys are, WR isn't the biggest priority...not with KW, Manningham coming back and Lockette apparently ready to make his mark (Harbaugh's really excited about him). Here's what I think Baalke should up to get a couple more picks in 2nd and 3rd rds. Just about every expert known to man is saying the biggest talent pool is between picks 20-70. No issue if he trades pick #31 to get there, but with all the mid-late rd picks he has, he should be able to get in position to end up with 7 picks in the 1st 3 rds. If he can do that, he can fill all the team's needs and basically be done with the draft (unless he has a couple late rounders for PS competition).
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