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who will be baalke's surprise pick??

Da'Rick Rogers at 34
Colin Klein in the 5th.
Center Jones Alabama
31 Keenan Allen
34 Zach Ertz
62 Barret Jones

All offense first three picks.
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With lots of picks to play with, I think EJ Manuel would be a surprise pick in the 3rd round.

He can be a hot commodity if he can show some promise and maybe able to trade him for higher picks when that come..

Also, I think there are two WRs on his radar.. The kid from Marshall (Aaron Dobson) and Kenny Stills (from Oklahoma)
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Lattimore at #34

Id take Lattimore at 34 let him sit a year then start him. Hes the best RB to come out since Peterson imo. Hes just had some bad luck injuries but hes a insanely fast healer. Every game he played in was against a stacked box for a mediocre Gamecock offense. He is even injured 10x better than any RB this year.
Originally posted by FearItself:
DJ Swearinger at 34. I can picture Cyprien being gone, and Elam not being as valued by the 49ers as some think.

Id be shocked if hes still there @ 34. Hes a stud safety that can play FS or SS that can cover and play the run.
Whoever it is i'm sure there will be naysayers, and i'm sure it'll all be fine in the end harbaalke for life.
Terron Armstead at time could be the best offensive tackle in this draft class..just a thought..unlikely I know since we're not really in need for a Tackle but would be a great guy to mold for the future. But another could definetly be Sylvester Williams DT unc at 31...2 big upside guys
Baalke moves up to select Jarvis Jones 15-20 range. Then selects Jesse Williams at #34.

Freddy P. Soft
Xavier Rhodes
I want Keenan Allen and/or D.J. Swearinger
Originally posted by EezyNiner:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Lattimore at #34

I was thinking about this earlier today after listening to an interview with Lattimore and had a vision that we drafted him surprisingly high (but a pick that I feel would be highly justified). But I think we would take him with our original 2nd rounder (62nd) or with the 3rd rounder from Carolina (I think it's 74th?) instead of the 34th.

I have a feeling Lattimore is gonna be our Gore 2.0

Their names even rhyme

Look for us to snatch him in the 2nd or early 3rd
barret jones
niners trade pick # 31 in rd 1 to the kansas city chiefs for...............alex smith.....jim jones mass suicides reported on the forty niners web zone
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