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Would you trade #1 pick and Willis and Davis for rights to Luck

Would you trade #1 pick and Willis and Davis for rights to Luck

Honest.. I'm not interested in Luck!!
nope, Willis and VD are our best playe on O and D.
Dumbest s**t i've ever heard.
Originally posted by Jcool:
I cant wait till the 2012 NFL draft so we can stop with these STUPID threads. If he played for any other school, no one would be pushing this hard to get him.

You have no idea what you're talking about. From all over the country people are drooling over Luck.... is that because he plays for the powerhouse that is Stanford University?
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
Lock it! Lock it please!

You don't like the thread, don't post, it's a discussion some people want to have. We are in a 10 year playoff drought because of QB play. And as great as Willis is, and as good as Davis is, we are simply not going anywhere until we get Luck. Think of it this way, if you were to Colts, would you rather have Freeny (one of the best defensive players of the last decade) and Clark (better than Davis from a production standpoint) and Reggie Wayne (here's another bonus) or Manning? Without Manning, with all these great players, they'll be lucky to win 2 games. Of course Luck has bust potential, as everyone does, but we are desperate for a QB, and building without one is just a waste of time.
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Yes if they also gave me the rest of their picks for the next 5 years. Seems reasonable to me.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Dumbest s**t i've ever heard.

Dumb thread is dumb
and we should give your rights too post here for a snickers bar and a high five.
Chance at a franchise qb I'd trade david over willis

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Originally posted by DaFaro49ers:
and we should give your rights too post here for a snickers bar and a high five.

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Gore ,a #1 and a 3rd. next years #2.
Someone actually voted yes on this?

I would give our #1 this and a #2 next year.

Willis and Davis?

Leaders on offense and defense? No way.
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
This is a QB league, as Manning is currently demonstrating yet again. The MLB and TE aren't going to get us to the playoffs and beyond... a franchise QB could
What did Peyton prove? That the Colts are a crappy franchise who can't build a general-working system around him? Look at the Pats or the Packers when Rodgers/Brady went down. They could replace them, not 1:1 apparently, but it was working.
Look at your players and build a system which benefits from their strengths. That is what you need in the NFL first and foremost, imo.

And, Peyton/Colts prove one more thing. A franchise-QB is usually a must but you need a lot more. It's not like the Colts win the SB year in and year out.
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