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Iupati assaults Rey Mauluga!

Once they break him of his habit of holding, and refine his lateral movement, he will be a force for years to come! If he and Davis develop as they should under Solari and Sing, this could prove to be one of our better drafts. I have to admit I ws worried about Davis and still am, but time will tell.
that should be an worldwide example of a pancake
Originally posted by 9erHIGH:
hey isnt that sole on sole crime

c'mon where da usos at?

Na it was uso on uso
Originally posted by crabman82:
cant wait to see iupati pull to the right side and run in front of gore and steamroll earl thomas

Iupati would treat Earl Thomas like he was Christian Okoye against a midget in Tecmo Bowl. He would knock him so hard, he would go bouncing off the screen.
its pretty clear that iupati is gonna pancake some defenders, who would i like to see get pancaked the most in our division, joey porter
Man Maualuga went down fast, are you guys sure his name isn't Legarrette Iupati?
Originally posted by bret:
As I recall, we traded our 2nd pick last year for the 1st that turned into Iupati BECAUSE Rey Maualuga was drafted a couple of picks ahead of us and he was the one we had targeted!

Ironic ?-YES!!!!
"Sir, how would you like your pancake?"
This Samoan on Samoan crime needs to stop
boy he really ate maualagua's lunch

Oh My God. I couldn't just go with omg for that.
Rey had a running start and slammed into a wall. Did' not see Mike do anything except brace himself and throw out his arms. Impressive series of events
The center did most of the work.
Oh man that was great.
Originally posted by Leathaface:
The center did most of the work.

Looks like the center impeded Maualuga's progress and then Iupati blindsided him! Still impressive that Iupati can do that to a 260lb man!
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