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Who do you want in the 2nd and 3rd rounds ?

  • dman
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2nd - Nate Allen

3rd - RB or CB
  • Otter
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We'll trade our 2nd and 3rd this year, and our 1st next year to move up for Clausen, just to piss me off.
Originally posted by Shaj:
trade up and get Jimmy Clausen. I don't care what it costs. We have an egg layer at QB right now.

ill try to do this as well. perhaps our 2nd rounder and manny lawson and a low pick next year.

but if we stay pat.

Nate Allen or Reshad Jones
Originally posted by Shaj:
trade up and get Jimmy Clausen. I don't care what it costs. We have an egg layer at QB right now.

No, Claussen's the egg-layer:

i am curious to see who the 49er faithful want to see taken by the 49ers in the 2nd round the most. Personally i want to see Nate Allen the safety from USF taken at 49. If not him then Akwasi Owusu-Ansah...but we may be able to get him in the 3rd with the way things are going.

Dream Scenario:

Pick 49: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

Pick 79: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB, Indiana (PA)

Originally posted by rk1642:
I'd love to get Carlos Dunlap but looks like we are setup to pound the ball mentality so maybe they go Toby Gerhart.

Baalke did say they want a starter out of this pick so maybe no Gerhart.
Morgan Burnett and Brandon Spikes.

Hopefully we can gain some additional picks as well by possibly trading players that we feel are no longer part of our future. Manny Lawson and David Baas are the first that come to mind and we might be able to get an extra 3rd and 4th rounder out of them. Would love an additional 2nd but that's being probably to greedy.

I'm very happy with our first round. I came in feeling pretty positive no matter what we decided to do in the first. My hope was Anthony Davis and Kyle Wilson but I'm just as happy knowing Iupati is on the team instead. He's a mauler and will definitely upgrade the interior of our line, something we sorely needed. We seemed to do a lot of homework on Anthony Davis, so the FO and coaching staff have a lot to go on and felt he was a can't miss player. After he fell past Buffalo and the Jags threw a curveball with Alualu, the Niners couldn't be patient anymore. They had their sights set on this guy and didn't want to run the risk of another team trading up for him. Wish we still had our 4th but it's hard to be upset when you know that your team did everything in their power to get they player they coveted.

After addressing the O-line in the first I feel the Niners now should focus on a way to upgrade their secondary. With a lot of the top CB's already coming off the board in the first I feel the Niners shouldn't reach for a CB and go with the top S prospect on their board. Morgan Burnett or Nate Allen are players I really want the team to draft in the 2nd.

With the 3rd rounder, the Niners should continue to focus on defense. IMO this is a round where they go BPA out of DT, OLB, ILB or CB. Players like Linval Joseph, Brandon Spikes, Brandon Ghee, Ricky Sapp and Owusu-Ansah would all present great value in the third round. Hoping at least one player from that list finds their way to 79.

I'm happy with the start so far and hoping for another great day tomorrow.
Chad Jones please!
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Originally posted by dman:
we need a safety

and a cb.
Is anyone else a little spooked that we had to resort to franchising Franklin? Ever since Paraag came on board, we've done a great job of managing contracts and extensions without straining our salary cap. I get the feeling Franklin may be trying to break the bank considering this may be his one and only chance at a huge contract given his age, turning 30 this year. With half the league now running 34 fronts, he does hold quite a bit of leverage in terms of having a clear market out there for him.
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seriously i wasnt for drafting taylor mays but since hes slipped to the 2nd round i think it would be perfect to grab him here aswell as sergio kindle..i think baalke needs to grab taylor mays...are pick is too far down the 2nd round for any of these 2 to be there...baalke needs to move up..i dont know about drafting 2 linemen in the 1st round and especially trading up for a RAW OT..but i think adding mays will defintly help out our secondary...and if we cant get mays then get Kindle..cmon lets beef up the more boring picks
Eh, neither guy has much college production to speak of. Highly doubt we're going in that direction.
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i wouldnt mind terrance cody either
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The greatest remaining need is for a safety that can cover the #3 receiver. After that it is BPA.
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