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With the 49th pick in the 2010 NFL draft...

The San Francisco 49ers select S, Taylor Mays, USC

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Fire Baalke

I don't think Mays was wanted by Singletary at all. Right after this pick they all left the room to have a chat.
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Mays: "I felt like I connected with Coach Singletary on my visit...I wasn't surprised when I got the call from the 408 number"


Mays said he's happy about coming to SF because it's a great situation for him.


Mays: "I look forward to playing for Coach Singletary 16 times a year more than I look forward to playing against Carroll 2 times a year."


Mays added that Ronnie Lott was someone he tried to emulate and looks forward to speaking with him at some point today.
I'm excited, what a draft so far! He will be starting in Lewis' spot by the end of the season. You could tell by the conversations in the War Room that the coaching staff was lobbying hard for this kid, let's hope they can get the best out of him.
I really just want to thank the Panthers for taking Clausen... now no one will ever ask say anything about how we should've taken him this or that whatever... I'd have been happier taking Golden Tate, but now Mark Roman can go back to running the cash register at Popeye's Chicken. Mays and Goldston playing together, I think we could be fielding a seriously tough, physical D
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Mays said the 49ers defense "brings the wood and that's what I do best" half a minute ago via UberTwitter


Mays said he remembers studying Dashon Goldson when the 49ers safety played at the University of Washington


Welcome aboard Taylor Mays... Me, mike lew, t mays? Force to be wreckin wit
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I love this pick, if Mays would have entered the draft last year he would have been a first round pick.... now lets see if we can land Brandon Spikes in the 3rd.

Lovin the draft so far!
Mays on rite now

I love this draft so far
Dam Mays breakin it down in this interview
Love the pick, great start to day 2.
I didn't want this guy in the 1st round but I was willing to take him in the 2nd.

You don't find a guy with his size/speed after the 1st round- at least you're not supposed to.

At least he isn't afraid of contact which I like- the recievers of the NFC west will be hearing footsteps.
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