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Earl Thomas

What are people's thoughts on Earl Thomas? I don't think I 've seen a better safety prospect on game tape...ever. Mike Mayock says that he's better than Eric Berry.

If Thomas is there at 13, do we take him? In the mocks I've seen, he's all over the place (from #10 to #20).

He'd be fantastic at free safety, can't play the run great though.

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I trust Mayock's judgement on this guy, but I still don't know if I take him. Would look real good next to Gholston, but maybe we can find someone just as effective in the later rounds. Tough call.
McCloughan is not drafting Earl Thomas. Why?
1) Not big enough
2) One dimensional player (doesn't play the run)

Do I agree with McCloughan's philosophy- yes and no. Either way, Earl Thomas will not be drafted by the 49ers.
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