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I don't pretend to be a draftnik, who watches lots of film on these college players. I study McCloughan. So, the best response that I can think of to the above request to filter MadDog's list (as of Feb 7), is as follows. Let's take the Niners pick spots and look +- 4 on MadDog's player list for that spot, and project how those players might fit the "McCloughan filter", as described earlier in this thread.

Pick #13:

Most likely:

LB Rolando McClain - lots of champioship-caliber film, great size for his position, a highly regarded position by Scotty. Soild the team on willis now is it mcclain's turn.

OT Trent Williams - Senior, lots of film at RT, the position for which he would be drafted (no projections required). Not right for 13 dare i say he's around in the second.

DE Jared Odrick - senior, very consistent film, held his own at Senior Bowl


CB Haden - underclassman, only average size for position.
SO JUST woke up from a wet dream if this happens
WR Bryant - character issues, underclassman, not a highly-valued position, opted for WR over OT in 2009 draft, can't do that again.
Haha Yeah the best/fastest wr in the draft. bahaha he won't be there but if he was at 13 i say pull a lions let's get 2 star wr's o please let him drop... Ok he won't and even al davis wouldn't pass this wr up.

RB Spiller - under-sized for RB position, no pass protection potential, not an every down player

OT Bulaga - underclassman, have to project LT film to RT position, durability questions

OT Campbell - underclassman, very slim film bank

OG Iupati - "you can get guards"

Pick #17

Most likely:

OT Trent Williams - see above

DE Jared Odrick - see above

DT Dan Williams - senior, excellent coaching by Kiffin & Orgeron, lots of film in toughest conference, more NFL-ready than most college DL, rare opportunity to get a cornerstone player at a key position (NT).

OLB Brandon Graham - senior, lots of film vs good competition, has played before huge crowds, has performed well vs peers in Senior Bowl, consistency and film trump short height for OLB position.


OT Bulaga - see above

OT Campbell - see above

OG Iupati - see above

DE Pierre-Paul - underclassman

DE Dunlap - character issues, underclassman

Don't have the time or the knowledge to go beyond the first 2 picks at this time.