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Greg Papa - 49ers' play-by-play caller

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There have been rumors swirling for months that Greg Papa is angling to join the 49ers.

And now, it looks like the Raiders are moving on from Papa:

7/19 Update: Papa is no longer with the Raiders:

What do you guys think about bringing him in?

I love Papa. The guy is smooth, energetic, and very, very knowledgeable. He'd be a massive upgrade over Ted Robinson.
Papa is much better than Ted Robinson. It would be so weird to hear Papa call 49er games though cause I think he is a perfect fit for the Raiders. I miss Starkey honestly.
Originally posted by Waterbear:
Papa is much better than Ted Robinson. It would be so weird to hear Papa call 49er games though cause I think he is a perfect fit for the Raiders. I miss Starkey honestly.

I hear ya on both points. We all miss Starkey, but he's not coming back.

It would be weird to hear Papa calling 49er games but only at the start. Eventually, we'd all adjust. But it would be so damn sweet to have him call our play-by-play.
I don't think the 49ers would move on from Ted Robinson, nor bring in Papa. Ted does a good job of being a voice for the 49ers in more ways than just calling the game. And Papa is just too much of a raider to make him the voice of the 49ers, IMO.
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Stay with Ted - he's a Niner. Papa is a Raider and I hate his play calling.
that guy was such a homer for the raiders.

''The refs clearly missed that call......waaahh..''

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I can't believe they're replacing Papa - he was such a homer for the Raiders.
Papa will always be a Raider.
I do imagine he'll fondly remember many 49ers from the past like Rice, Lott, Plunkett, Garner, Romanowski, Craig, Rod Woodson, Rathman, Newberry, Stubblefield, Ted Washington, etc...
And of course some more recent Niners like Crabtree, Aldon Smith, Tank, Terell Brown, Carlos Rogers, Shawntae Spencer and Bowman...
Is he the same guy on NFL channel on sirius xm? if so that guy would be cool to call a game.
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I like Greg Papa. Even though he clearly loves the raiders, he never gave off the Jan Brady vibe that most Raiders fans have towards us.

What really kills me is the raiders getting Brent Musburger. Sounds way too high budget for Mark Davis.

Announcers switch teams a lot. Lon Simmons moved from the Giants to the A's for awhile. Jon Miller has moved around ( remember he was with the A's very early in his career.) The great Harry Carey switched from the Cards to the Cubs. Imagine how the Cardinal fans felt but he became a legend in Chicago. It's true that certain voices are identified with certain teams but the really good ones can quickly adapt to their new team. I don't know if Greg Papa is coming to the Niners but I'm sure he will do a good job if he does. I really don't care since I watch the games on the tube.
f**k Greg Papa!
Hard to imagine Papa calling Niners games. Sorry, but I wouldn't do it. Like things the way they are with Ted Robinson.
I really like Ted but love Pap! Plus, raider fans would hate it! Bring in Papa!
Never liked Ted Robinson; he sounds like if your dentist called the game. He's such a tool and was a huge downgrade from Starkey.

I'd love Papa or pretty much anyone other than Robinson. But Robinson tows the company line and has always pushed ownership's rhetoric so I doubt they cut him loose anytime soon.
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