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I could not agree more with the title of this thread. Several things to note:

1. Harbuagh rubs everyone the wrong way in this league (everyone from teams, media and ex-players). This league is a tight nit "fraternity" and when you make enemies with everyone, everyone will want your head. Mistake #1

2. Harbaugh loves the ground game, and was asked on KNBR 680 after week 1 (after all the NFL passing records were broken that week for combined TDs, yardage, etc.) if the league is changing. The dude had the most arrogant answer and pretty much said no thats a dumb question. I understand he was alluding to the basics of football are the same but still. Furthermore, this brings in his Offensive philosophy (please read next note).

3. He loves to run the ball and rarely gives anyone a breather on D. This formula of winning requires lots of physical strain on all your players, if you are playing smash mouth running football in the league (which results in closer games and players putting themselves at risk of injury by going 100% for a full game). For example, take the Pats, or Broncos. They take large leads which allows them to rotate players and keep older players healthy. Harbuagh's football philosophy is a recipe for rapid depreciation of its players.
3a. Additionally, Walsh's philosophy was to take early leads as quickly as possible and then he would rotate massive pass rushers and release the hounds (Haley, etc.) on opposing QBs. Harbaugh does neither, his game plan starts slow and does not have deep rotations of pass rushers.

4. The game calling on defense is wayyyyy too predictable and vanilla. We have pretty much have been in nickel formation, playing man coverage, and running the stunt with Aldon and the Cowboy for the past two and half years. The reason being that we can do that is because our MLBs are the best in the league with covering fast TEs and RBs and can play man against them. But our corners, are getting slower and older and the D line has depreciated a lot over the past 2 years generating pass rush off the 4 man rush. Additionally, Indy ran easy run plays right at the stunt because Aldon would always be coming inside.

5. Harbaugh's misdirection counter pitches worked when he did them his first year because they were so unexpected but god those plays are so slow to develop and lately they have been getting blown up in the back field.

7. Harbaugh insists on calling two plays every down and eats up the play clock. This is the opposite direction the league is going. If anything, he needs to call one play and give Kaepernick time to make pre-snap reads and have the option to audible into a completely new play, such as Peyton Manning does.

6. Last rant topic, good coaches put their players in easy situations to make plays. Yes you see the 9ers do that when its 3rd and 20 and they always pass it 10 yards short of the first so they can make a play, but besides that, I see no easy plays being implemented for high success rates. For example, Indy had the ball and it was 3rd and 4, and they did a simple 90 degree passing route for the RB, where he went 4 yards diagonal towards the side line, then 90 degrees diagonal towards the center the field for an easy first down completion. When you watch an NFL game there are 100s of plays that are simple bread and butter play calls that I have yet to see implemented into the 9ers play calling.

WOW sign this guy up for HC immediately! He's obviously waaaay smarter than Harbaugh

wait a minute, you do know 6 comes after 7 right?