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Tie Game - how do you feel?

Because every team loses. All of them. Except the 1972 Dolphins.
I need to look at a Green Bay Packers fan site the week they lost to Kansas City last year and compare to NT.
The DLine is not getting the pressure they did last season and the LB's & secondary are getting beat.

The Dline is supposed, in theory, to tie up the T's & G's so the LB's can stop runs etc. They doing doing it as wellas last season.
The tie sucks but much better than a loss.

The 2 fake punts seem to bother me more than anything at this point.
I feel like i fell after a loss...we were the better down early and then settled down and came back...I didn't like that play call at the end of 4th quarter...we have Moss i though they should have trown a jump ball in the back of the endzone...I have seen that guy come down with the ball more times then not against double coverage...that swing pass to Williams was not a good call...if he had caught it it would have been game over because i think the rams would have brought him down in bounds...
Feels bad man.
I wonder if the game ends in a tie if the refs add the extra 1:12 that ran off when they we're measuring if we got a 1st down. Time should of stopped but never did.
Teams around the league have had time to figure the 49ers out, the 49ers are not too far away from the teams they were/had prior to the Harbaugh regime. The Vikings, Giants, and Rams games made it appear like the 49ers didn't have a clue or didn't prepare properly for those teams. I thought our coaching staff gave us the edge we needed in this league, and it is, but they also show that we still need to upgrade the talent we already have. It doesn't matter how they are playing right now, as long as we get into the playoffs I hope the 9ers are playing their best ball in January and early February. Sometimes I'm not confident they'll be playing that long.
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What would happen if a team tied every game, going 0-0-16? Is that like 8-8? lol

Or lets say every game ends up in a tie for every team. Somehow I don't think they have an answer for this in the rule book.

It would go down to point differential :

Pack and Panthers try to battle for playoff spot and chaos ensues.

The good ole days. That was the year that Young got knocked out (career ending hit). The Niners-Packers were slated to play on MNF, and everyone circled it as the game of the year. Lo and behold that the Niners AND Packers both went into the game with losing records. The Niners, of course, finished the season 4-12, and the Packers had to go on that scoring frenzy to qualify for the playoffs. Which was all in naught, as Dallas won their finale to clinch and knock the Packers out.

Damn...the Niners-Packers were teams of the 90s....but geez, did both fall from grace in 1 year's time.
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I wonder if the game ends in a tie if the refs add the extra 1:12 that ran off when they we're measuring if we got a 1st down. Time should of stopped but never did.

My impression is that the game could have lasted five days and still ended in a tie!

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Lol we only lost twice.

this. lol

If you look at it from the perspective of a tie (no win), then it sucks. I like to look at the loss column, and as far as I know, we are still 6-2. Thats 2 losses only, second best in the NFC which will HOPEFULLY be cemented after next week's game.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
The tie sucks but much better than a loss.

The 2 fake punts seem to bother me more than anything at this point.

I agree the tie is better than a loss (could prove substantial if Seattle kicks it up in 2nd half), but there were two parts of the game that irked me the most:

1. The two fake punts. The first one made me upset, but after rewatching saw that they just read the defense. We were going for the blocked punt but lost the gamble, so good job on scheming by StL coaching staff. The second one was the WORST of the offenses. They've shown they are willing to fake the punt, and we HAVE THE LEAD IN THE 4TH QUARTER! WHY THE F**K WOULD YOU NOT PLAY COVERAGE?!?!?!?!....Okay, I'm calm now, but yeah, there was no excuse for that one, period.

2. We were out-schemed and out played on both lines. First, the StL coaching staff schemed perfectly on our DL. They didn't HAVE to worry about doubling JSmith or Soap. They ran a TON of delayed hand offs b/c they knew our DL is aggressive, giving SJax cut back lanes. What bothered me more was that they were getting to our LBs, which NEVER happens, b/c they had no fear of our DL. Second, our OL did not come to play in the 1st half. They were getting bullied and pushed around to the point of sheer embarrassment. Their DL is pretty solid (Langford and Long are legit, Brockers can be great as well), but our OL is MUCH BETTER that what they played yesterday.

I'm hoping this game was just a blip, an anomaly. A team not taking their opponent seriously and an opponent coming in with something to prove/nothing to lose. Lets hope Harbaugh gets them in line and kicking some ChiTown ass come Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ties suck... But from 2nd quarter on we outscored them 24-10 so we just need to not start out the game flat and we will be okay.
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It's a good question. We have looked absolutely awful 3 times this year.
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