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Why did we overpay so much for Brooks? And where does that leave us now?

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Originally posted by fropwns:
Since San Diego has come off of the ledge, should we lock 'er up?
yes, i just did not know how to make dancing locks
Originally posted by fropwns:
Since San Diego has come off of the ledge, should we lock 'er up?

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Originally posted by NinerGM:
Read the fine print .....

The 49ers recent contract extension with LB Ahmad Brooks is filled with de-escalators, according to a league source, meaning he will have to stay injury-free and achieve subsantial sack totals to receive a maximum average salary of $7.5 million per season.

Brooks received a $7.5 million signing bonus as part of the contract, but there are few other guarantees in a contract signed on Tuesday that is structured heavily on performanced-based incentives. The $17.5 million worth of guarantees are for injury only at the time of signing, not for skill, and that figure could be considerably less if the de-escaltors are triggered.

His base salary of $750,000 for 2012 is guaranteed, and Brooks will be able to make $500,000 in total roster bonuses based on games on the roster, as well as a $100,000 workout bonus.

Brooks has a base salary of $4.3 million in 2013 which is guaranteed for injury at the time he signed the deal. That becomes guaranteed for skill and cap if he's on the roster April 1 of that year. However, the guaranteed portion can be reduced up to $2.5 million that year if he does not achieve certain sack totals.

In 2014, Brooks has a base of $5.15 million, with $4.95 million becoming guaranteed for injury and skill if he is on the roster on April 1. However, that guaranteed total and base salary can be reduce by up to $2.5 million based on his 2013 sack production.

Brooks can void all de-escalators in the contract if the 49ers win 12 games, he has 93.2 percent playing time that season and San Francisco plays in the conference championship game, or if he has two prior seasons of 12 sacks or more.
Man, Prag isn't dicken around. I almost feel sorry for the players and agents.....
Originally posted by Marvin49:
And it's likely that Spencer and Harlason will be cone giving us them roughly 6 mil more.

Anyone still freaking our about Brooks? I was fine with the way the deal was reported before, I'm even happier now.

I'm not so sure we get rid of Haralson. For sure if we lost Brooks we would need him as a 2 down guy and then a rookie pass rusher for passing downs. Now that we have him he is a bit less needed but we have no depth at that position and if we keep only 3 OLBs do you really want one of them to be a rookie? If (no jinx) Aldon or Brooks get hurt I'm not sure I want a mid to late round guy coming in. So even though I expect Aldon and Brooks to be every down players and play almost all the snaps of the season baring injury I'm not sure I want to cut Haralson to save a measly 2.2 (?) million.
As you wish.

Originally posted by defenderDX:
We didn't over pay him.

It's loaded with incentives.

Interesting. Different info than what Maiocco has. This always happens, two different sources. His numbers(lacanfora) add up to Maicco's 2.85M cap figure, Maiocco says 50K per game roster bonus, which would be 800K, compared to 500K and 100k workout from lacanfora.
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