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Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

  • Tyler82
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I think Alex is playing with fire. He will start!
It's gotta be Alex, considering the way he has played and the way the team has responded to him.
  • B650
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If Hill starts, I'm giving up on Singletary as a coach. It was obvious even before this game that we needed a change of QB, so now it's incredibly obvious. Smith absolutely must start next week.
pretty obvious that it'll be smith.
Your kidding, right? Surely Signltary has to see the difference in this offense. Indy has a lot more to think about next week.
Smith HAS to start.
  • SS2K8
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Shaun's career died today, good riddance, i'm sick of hearing about how great his record is when i can clearly see he has a soggy fruit loop for an arm
  • Tyler82
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Smith played with furver and fire and he NEEDS TO BE GIVEN A CHANCE................Hill doesnty have the arm to scare OPP D's and Smith was able to capitalize.....A tough loss but remember that ALex has not had much first team interation and now its time to see how he does with a full week of 1st team action............whos with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry to be the debby downer but I don't think it will matter... we struggled with houston... we could put Joe Montana out there and it won't matter... the Colts are jus too loaded.
  • JDog
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Smith.... Coaching staff already looks stupid after today for not getting him out there sooner.

They can at least save face by keeping him out there!

Alex has a long way to go but at least we look like an NFL offense when he is in.
  • mayo49
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Noodle arm lost his job today. Good job, Alex keep it up.
  • Ang
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Making this one official. No other threads on the topic this week!

needs to be smith
Nate Davis

where is the Nate Davis option

Seriously, it has to be Alex "Free" Smith
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