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Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

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Originally posted by BHulman:
Your kidding, right? Surely Signltary has to see the difference in this offense. Indy has a lot more to think about next week.

Scary, watching the game Brian Billick said Alex has given Singletary something to think about. Could someone tell me why anyone would not name Alex #1? I think Billick must have been drinking.
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Originally posted by B650:
Maybe he can pull an Eli Manning and revive his career.

Correction: his career never really started
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
Nate Davis

where is the Nate Davis option

Seriously, it has to be Alex "Free" Smith

Honestly I would like to see Davis moved up to #2. Shaun Hill is done unless he gets a sex change and tries out for the LFL.
Originally posted by Leathaface:
I've been as big of a Smith "hater" as there is but there's absolutely no question in my mind that he deserves to start this next game.

The offense looked exponentially better with him at the helm. We actually spread the ball out and threw DOWN the field. Smith does have a better arm. He made a few nice throws to Crabtree and the THREE TDs to VD can't be overlooked.

We needed this in the first half. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a f**king first down. 1 yard in the first quarter? WTH?!?!

to you for man'n up
I always supported Smith and just wanted him to have another shot and he was very impressive today.I hope he can build on this so to see once and for all if he's the future,if he faulters then Nate D should be given a shot.

Originally posted by Tyler82:
I think Alex is playing with fire. He will start!

Alex proved today that we can move the ball and score, despite the offensive line play. No way Hill should start over Alex..........
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
pretty obvious that it'll be smith.

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I think it's all the more impressive that he hasn't seen regular season action since November 12, 2007 (I looked it up).

We could be a decent team if it weren't for Fatso Bernard.
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To come out of a bye week looking like that...that really cemented Hill's fate. On a positive side, he can fish year-round now.
Originally posted by ginseng1000:
Alex should be given a chance...

poor kid has to start this year playing the COLTS

tough luck

Indy will be al be a challenge for him, but if he can build on today, and keep on target with Vernon who know's what could happen. Alex gives us the best chance to win....
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Originally posted by socalfan21:
Sorry to be the debby downer but I don't think it will matter... we struggled with houston... we could put Joe Montana out there and it won't matter... the Colts are jus too loaded.

Not on defense they aren't.

I just want to know why 3% of the 'zone chose Hill.

Alex looked like a completely different player today and the O really picked up. Hope it continues.
Originally posted by IdentityCrisis:
More importantly, if it is Smith, will we maintain this style of shotgun offense that fits him?

My sentiments exactly! It doesn't do much good if you have Smith in there running that "power football" offense. This is clearly his strength, so let's open up the playbook and play to it. We're going to need to score next week anyway!

Pass to set up the run. Recognize this Sing, it's going to save us. Our best guys on offense have changed and we need to play to that strength. Vernon and Crabtree - let's get them involved most and hand off to Gore when they decide to play back.
This isn't even a question anymore. Enjoy the clipboard Hill.
Hill hasn't played good, Smith got us back in the game today, Smith for sure
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3% voting for Hill, that is 12 people I think were too drunk and checked the wrong box. If not, stand up and allow yourself to be flamed.
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