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My thoughts on the Dallas game and where this team is headed

Originally posted by Ether:
Great thread.

Will read again.
Originally posted by billybonka:
Originally posted by Ether:
Great thread.

Will read again.

You're teaching him well.
I'm hoping we have great regular season!
One Question: How many total touches for Gore? like 15 maybe all preseason.

Jimmy Raye knows the plan and the plan is 21. 21 up the middle. 21 pitch right. 21 play-action. 21 screen pass. you get the picture?
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I was at the game yesterday and while I can't quite agree with the "sky is falling" posters on here, I can say that Manny was slow to react, Shaun did the best he could with the play calls, and we are going to have to run to have a chance at winning. Arnez reminded me why he's still on the roster as you probably saw from home. Gore, Coffee, and Sheets all have a huge burst. As the poster said earlier, if the "D" didn't get bailed out it would've been much worse. When I say bailed out, I mean the Dallas penalties, and Romo chucking the ball even though he was about to be sacked. The timeouts were headset problem related and probably wouldn't have happened at the stick, I think Jerry Jones has guys "working on that" as we speak - and by "working on that" I mean making sure his opponents never can use them. I was happy to see Nate and Sheets do so well, but when you think that the majority of the guys that they were playing were the same ones that Shaun was playing a couple years back it kinda put things in perspective. Just my 2cents
In my opinion, if the 49ers have another sub-par season, meaning we don't win the division and make the playoffs; the blame falls in large part on Scot McCloughan.

He did not address the most pressing needs on this team and gave us promises that they would be addressed.

1. ROT: What was wrong with trying to get someone like Orlando Pace? We do not draft anyone.

2. Pass rush: This one really makes me mad. This has been a glaring need for many years.

3. QB: More difficult to just get a QB out of thin air; however, they go like gangbusters after broken up old man Warner and offer him millions of guaranteed money, but sit on their hands when Cutler becomes available, and again with Vick. I am no fan of Vick, but why not even try. How about making a trade for one of the QB's in Cleveland? Of course, we as fans do not know what goes on behind closed doors, but if there were something, some information would have been leaked?

4. Michael Crabtree. If Scot was the only GM that didnt do his homework on Michael, and he really is the "diva" that scared off other GM's, then that is cause for immediate termination. Although I was very excited about the pick, I don't get paid to know and evaluate everything about a multimillion dollar investment! How much more could we use Orakpo or Oher? They are both having good camps for their teams.

5. Everette Brown. So far I have not heard anything exciting out of the Panthers camp about Brown. The one game I watched he didn't seem to get much pressure; however, if Brown ends up having a good season with the Panthers, that will further solidify Scots departure.

Now Scot has found some gems (Willis, Gore, Haralson, Morgan, and looks like Coffee) But overall, the GM job has been mediocre.
That is a fairly grim and dire assessment of the team based on a pre-season game, played on the road, in Dallas' fancy new stadium, against a good team.

My advise;

Relax and get down off the ledge. The 49ers are going to be alright, maybe not great, but at least we won't suck.. and the team is headed in the right direction for the first time in years.


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This season like any season on any team will go as far as the line of scrimmage is won and lost,if we win those battles we win games,if we loose those we will not win.I am concerned with our pass protection and lack of pass rush,we must get better.
Originally posted by TheCatch:
What? 3-0 not good enough??? You want style points? We are gonna have to win some games the ugly way this year. We have some glaring holes that will make life hard for a 49er fan, but we will be there at seasons end.

Hey, 4-0 was pretty good for the Lions last season....

Oh, wait....

For what it's worth though, for as bad as you try to make it sound, Patrick, we were only down 7 points going into the half IN Dallas, first team vs first team, so make it as apocalyptic as you may, but a touchdown difference can be made up with one throw of the ball.

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Originally posted by billybonka:
chill out bro


Best GIF ever.

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I must agree w/ this post.
I'm tired of the niners being satisfied going 3 and out. We cant seem to move the ball unless its close to the end of a half.

All that talk about its a pre-season game is bogus. The niners first team was out there and S.Hill didnt look comfortable at all.
Its sad - but I was hoping Arnaz wouldnt be our best WR. But that is exactly what it is turning out to be. What is up with Morgan? I can understand that he might be covered, but is it because he cant create any separation? This is all coming out to look pretty poor for the niners.
I just hope that teams figure out that offensively we're strictly a short passing team and a running team. Its going to be easy to beat that - stack the line.
You should be worried! We added ZERO starters from the draft, haven't signed our 1st round pick which has caused bad press and he plays a position we are most deep at [and in a running scheme] and of the two (big) FA's we got, one is hurt and the other retired (Jennings 2.0). Do we ever learn? We didn't add any upgrades at the NT, DE, OLB & RT positions; the same problems we've had for over six years now. We made how many changes on offense/defense from a 7-9 team with an inflated record last year?

This could go down as the worst offseason ever.

Keep the faith though...but I'm still shooting for 8-8.
Originally posted by BHulman:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by TheCatch:
What? 3-0 not good enough??? You want style points? We are gonna have to win some games the ugly way this year. We have some glaring holes that will make life hard for a 49er fan, but we will be there at seasons end.

yea people acted like they expected sing to fix everything. this team is good enough to win 8 or 9 teams imo. this team has its strengths and weaknesses. right now the only thing that makes me real worried is the combination of raye's offense and shaun letting us down.

But that is a really big thing. If Raye is Hostler 2.0 and Hill underperforms in that scheme then it is going to be a long, miserable season.

The problem with Hostler was his inexperience. You can look at Raye and tell he has plenty f experience calling plays. I mean if Hostler would've used Vernon Davis right he probably would've kept his job.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Where do I start? It just looked like deja vu all over again last night. We couldn't pass block, we couldn't get the ball to our WR's, our defense could not get off the field, we miss used timeouts, had a lot of penalty's and made some very questionable/conservative coaching decisions. It looked like the 07 season.

I worry Jimmy Raye is just not creative enough to do much with this offense and that just don't have the weapons. Our O-Line still looks like they can't pass block that well and teams will just attack us and dare us to throw because our WR's can't get open quick enough and don't scare anyone. Josh Morgan looks like all hype right now, man he has looked bad in the pre-season, he caught no passes and dropped two balls he had a chance to make a catch on. Arnaz Battle is our best WR right now, scary...

We have no pass rush again. We banked on Manny Lawson developing into a pass rusher and right now that looks like a really bad gamble. Now Ahmad Brooks is hurt, it's not looking good.

I think our D will tighten up and play better once the regular season starts, Clements right now looks like a weak link and we still have problems stopping team on 3rd and short and 3rd and long. I like what I see from Goldson, he will start making big plays once he gets more time. But we have NO pass rush what so ever.

Okay, guys who impressed me vs Dallas (weren't many)

Nate Davis- Ill tell u, he looked good against the Raiders and he looked even better vs Dallas. He just seems to have "it". He has great poise in the pocket along with a quick release and a cannon for an arm. I don't know how he would do against a starting defense but I like this kid, I think he has a chance to be a starter in this league and a good one.

Kory Sheets- Really like this kid, he should have been a 4th or 5th rd pick but got screwed by the Purdue coaching staff. He is a quick back with very good speed but he also has good vision and he finishes his runs really well and has some pop. There is no question he will make the team now the only question is what # he will get since him and Reggie Smith both wear #30 right now.

Tarrell Brown- He really, really played. He has really fluid, smooth hips and closes well and is always in the right posistion.

Brit Miller- this guy just seems to get the job done.

Michael Spurlock- I think he beat out Jason Hill last night

Bottom line though I am worried, I think this is the same team from last year and that is not good. McCloughan did not improve this team and we are seeing the results right now. I also worry about Singletary, is he going to be a Nolan like conservative coach now that he is no longer an interim coach? I also worry he made a bad decision firing Mike Martz. Martz was a very good OC and PLAY CALLER and I think he made Shuan Hill and our WR's look better than they really are. Jimmy Raye I don't think is going to make anyone better with his scheme or playcalling. I know Singletary gives a great speech and gets the guys ready to play, but that only lasts for a quarter after that guys have to make plays and im not sure he has playmakers. I worry Singletary will just become another Herm Edwards. Right now the only thing I am excited about this team is Nate Davis and our rookie RB's, thats not a good sign. I thought we could win 8 or 9 games this season but now if you ask me I think we are a 6-10 team.

I am worried....

I share your conern over the pass protection and blitz pick up in general and I wish we had more at RT than just Snyder ------ and I can't wait to have everyone healthy again.

The WR's aren't getting it done right consistently right now.

I share the concern about the lack of pass rush and just pray the coaches have an answer for the regular season. This one has been a constant source of irratation.

I take a wait and see approach on Raye to see if things look different when the season starts.

I agree with you on who stood out in Dallas.

I feel pretty good over-all about the defense or let's say much better than the offense.

I can't follow you with Martz being a good fit for our team.----see pass blocking and blitz pick-up along with wrong fit for our players strengths. IMHO

I was hoping to upgrade my 7-9 or 8-8 outlook or at least feel maybe a little more optimistic than I do. I guess I gotta just wait and see how this plays out.
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Originally posted by TheCatch:
What? 3-0 not good enough??? You want style points? We are gonna have to win some games the ugly way this year. We have some glaring holes that will make life hard for a 49er fan, but we will be there at seasons end.

No, not when all the games were won in come from behind fashion when our back ups where playing against guys who are just hoping to be on someone's practice squad.
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