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Shaun Hill: Martz made me look bad

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Anyone with a brain could tell that QB competition was BS. I said it last year that JTO had no business being in that competition and the fact that he suddenly came out of nowhere was a friggin joke.

Funny how many people jumped on his bandwagon only to come crashing off of it when he couldn't hide his knack for turnovers.

That's why I'm in love with Sing. [b][b]The guy is a straight shooter[/b][/b] and if he says there is competition and both guys are on equal footing the players know it's legit.

My only concern with Sing and Raye is that they don't get all Mooch like late in the 4th quarter if we have the lead in close games. I want us to be a pound the ball and move the chains team but sometimes you can't just run 3 straight downs into consistent 3 and outs and give the other team a chance.

That game against Chicago where we gave up 15 points in like 2 minutes and lost in OT still haunts me. Perfect example of why you play to win....not to not lose.

He is huh. Then why name the QB now. Why not wait til AFTER the 3rd game. Which was what Sing STATED back when we learned there was going to BE a competition.

There was no competition. It was a figment of his imagination.

I'm still behind Sing but man it is NOT looking too good at the moment.


What the hell are you talking about? Sing never said when the decision would be made. The competition was very fair and they switched up every practice unlike last year when it was very obvious when JTO was HANDED the job and Nolan kept telling us not to read anything into the fact that JTO was getting every first string practice while Smith got 2nd and Hill hardly practiced.

Ummmm I believe that you should go back and look it up. It was the THIRD game and has ALWAYS been the THIRD game. Ummm now this said, how many games have been played? It's been reported on just about EVERY network that covers the NFL that it was the third game because the fourth game is traditionally used for the scrubs to make an impact on the coaching staff and for the other staffs of the league if they don't make it with the one they went through Camp with.

And fair? Mmmmm let's look at this. 2 snaps for passes in game one for Hill. 7 for Smith.

7 in game 2 for Hill and 9 for Smith. This is a QB battle not a RB battle. We already KNEW that we were going to Run the ball. Where was the QB battle again?

I got the stats from the 2nd article on Zone home page just to cite my source.

I didn't personally keep track of it but from everything I saw there was NO competition.


He did say that he would probably make a decision after the 3rd game. The reason Singletary and Co. made the decision now instead of after the Cowboy game is simply because Alex had to CLEARLY outplay Hill during the offseason.

He also said it was going to come down to playing against other teams that Alex would have to show that he could handle the live action and prove he was the superior QB. He did not do that with his play in the first 2 games or during Raider practices and one game (the 3rd game) probably was not going to sway anything, so Singletary decided to make the decision now, rather than later to get the offense more in sync with the starter before the season.

Ummmm okay I don't know what Sing means by out played, when the "competition" is so lopsided for one thing and the WRs' in the Faders game clearly didn't perform well. 3 drops 1 INT and the INT was in the man's hands and then knocked up by our own WR.

NOBODY can outperform their competition with that kind of assistance.

And that stiff arm to keep the defender from tackling the ball carrier in our backfield? You'll NEVER see Shaun Hill do that.


Oh come now oneniner . . . err . . . . Ceadder, I'm sure a guy who has no problem diving helmetless for a first down on National TV would have no qualm about de-cleating a DE given the opportunity.

Oh okay, maybe he would de cleat the DE but he'd have to untie the man's shoes first.

Diving helmetless is survival. Not toughness. He just forgot which end goes first. Feet Shaun, FEET.

All I know is I want the guy to shut the hell up and not say another derogatory word about ANYBODY. Next he'll start bad mouthing Nolan for not recognizing a winner when he sees one.


You badmouthing Hill is really cool, though.
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My goodness he says one small thing and all of a sudden hes TO.
Originally posted by Ceadderman:
Oh gimme a freakin BREAK.

I just got finished reading an article talking up Hill's ability to point the finger in his OWN direction (Mayhew's latest) and now we have THIS?!?!

If there was ONE thing that I admired about Hill it was his ability to take the blame even when it wasn't his fault. To all his supporters, that showed leadership. I've been up in the air until NOW. Shaun Hill=Barrack Obama. Built up on ALOT of nothing and then rammed down my freakin throat.

Say what you want but mark my words he's NOT going to last long. Not if this article is true. Martz is GONE, what the truck does he have to do with the 49ers of the PRESENT. Good leaders recognize this fact and move on. Poor leaders blame others when it is convenient for them to do so.

I hope that he doesn't lose too many games for us.


What the hell is wrong with you? You're actling like Shaun Hill did a poor job and is blaming it on Martz. Shaun Hill did well when he played. Your reaction would only be justified if he had sucked and is now blaming it on Martz, which is not the case. He only explained how he felt about the way Martz handled the QB situation and said it was obvious Martz wanted JTO to start. This is nothing new to any of us as we all knew this, and discussed it, LAST YEAR while it was happening. You're only looking for reasons to hate on Shaun Hill now.
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