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Seattle Seahawks thread

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**** The Seahawks.
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Made us look like a peewee team again. They are superior in EVERY way.
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"Wave the flag, bro!"
Hahahahaha nice
Surely this thread will stay on topic .
Originally posted by elguapo:
Originally posted by CityKing415:

That is his doppelgänger


Originally posted by cortez96:


VD was never the same after this hit
Ok, I'll start the discussion on our favorite topic:

@Andy_Benoit #Seahawks Film: Wilson's inclination when routes don't open quickly is still to move out of pocket...If you want Wilson throwing from pocket, you must use a quick, defined pass game.

To me this is why Wilson is still not a top QB (despite his fans saying contrary). Probably the best two sentences to describe Wilson's deficiency in his passing game.

Bevell is an underrated OC who gets Wilson a ton of great quick reads. If you pay attention, a majority of Wilson's completions are either very fast or those deep balls.

Or.....Wilson is out of the pocket and can make a play from out of the pocket.

But what happens when you take away the quick throw and stay disciplined?

You get Wilson unable to make a completion for the first quarter of the Super Bowl. I recall a few plays where Patriots couldn't get to Wilson for seemingly hours and it was still incomplete.

Originally posted by cortez96:


Way to save face
Originally posted by cortez96:


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