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The Book of Eli Harold is closed!

Chris Long ‏@JOEL9ONE 9m9 minutes ago
What a steal. My man! See you twice a year. Congrats to a great dude @EliHarold_
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Cam Inman ‏@CamInman 2m2 minutes ago
#49ers Eli Harold: "Im going to bring passion, toughness. I feel I'm a natural born leader. My best assets are my toughness and leadership"
Cam Inman ‏@CamInman 32s32 seconds ago
Eli Harold: "I had a picture of @AldonSmith on my iPad & set on my background my freshman year at UVA. I thought I had similarities to him."
Our pass rush is going to be nasty this year
I think this draft speaks volumes about how Baalke views this teams woes last season. Obviously he has EXTREME confidence in Kap, Hyde, Bush, Davis, Boldin, and Smith, etc. While on the flip side he had zero confidence in Roman/Harbaugh to run an elite offense. We have to stack the deck on defense with Seattle picking up Lockett and Graham.
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He plays violent. That excites me.
Great pick..great value..a lot of so called draft gurus had him going in the top 40 picks..he is a steal at this point..honestly every1 is saying how we have yet to address offense but we did in free agency compared to defense..torrey smith and Reggie bush are both great additions over what we for defense we lost 5 starters..tho I wanted jaelen strong bad..
I think the writing is on the wall for Ahmad Brooks, $7M cap hit this season, $9.7M next season and $8.6M in 2017. I don't think so.

Originally posted by JoeBart324:
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Defense all day

We bout beating teams up this year.

Here's my personal take: Either there has been tremendous improvement across the board in the offense department from Kap or Tomsula thinks we had all the talent these last few years and it was all roman who was holding us back. Thats all these 3 picks have said to me.

If this is not the case, maybe tomsula sees hyde as a great back and just predicts we will run it down other teams throats all day.

I think the team believes the offense is actually in pretty good shape and talented. Before Borland and Willis retired, I thought the Niners were going to look at trading up for a receiver. After all the chaos this offseason, I'm betting that completely altered the draft strategy. This draft seems all about rebuilding depth on the defensive side of the ball.

There is enough young talent on the offensive side of the ball for another year. The defense is beginning to age especially in the front seven. This draft isn't flashy, but I think it makes sense from this standpoint.

I agree. I think our players especially hyde, ellington, and patton are underutilized. I think the steelers are kind of the polar opposite of us. The way they use leveon bell, antonio brown, and martavis bryant is how we should have used those 3 guys. We need to put more faith in our younger guys and scheme to make them successful. I think we could have at least a top 16 passing offense and a top 5 running offense if we used our guys properly. This is without adding anyone.

I do not dislike this pick. He seems like tremendous value.
Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Good Player but Lynch and Aldon and Ahmad and Lemier say Hello.

Lemonhead says bye

Ahmad won't be here long either.
What if he wants to fight Kap for his number??
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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
plus tank and dial or are we pulling the plug on tank? seems like a lot of attention for a D Line/LB unit that is already stacked.

Tomsula was just telling fans what they wanted to hear. Our front 7 was decimated in the this off-season.
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