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The Book of Eli Harold is closed!

3rd round. DE/LB from the University of Virginia

Getting his jersey for sure, he is going to be around a long time!
Defense all day
another f**king DE type......... what the f**k......
Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks 1m1 minute ago
great value for SF
3 picks. All D...
Steve Palazzolo ‏@PFF_Steve 2m2 minutes ago
Didn't like Eli Harold's first round hype, but like him at this point. Playing 3-4 OLB in that system is nice fit
Lol hiw long did you have new thread started before the pick came?
Originally posted by BoldRedandGold:
Defense all day

We bout beating teams up this year.
we need to replinish the D. I don't know s**t about this draft, but I heard he's a great value

Can't have enough pass-rushers.
our offense is gonna suck this year lol
Good pick
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I hope we pissed off opposing teams fans with this pick!!!

Rated 1st round pick in the 3rd is all good with me!!!
plus tank and dial or are we pulling the plug on tank? seems like a lot of attention for a D Line/LB unit that is already stacked.
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