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49ers release Jonathan Martin

Originally posted by Jcool:
I like the deal!

This. Just like a late round draft pick coming with a chance for a roster spot of he can win it
Guys and Gals

This is SO HUGE. Another brilliant Baalke move. What does this do? It immediately creates depth at OT - so no more depending on Adam Snyder AAAAAAND provides additional depth if we can't re-sign Iupati to something reasonable.

Wow. I so love this move.

Bravo Baalke, barvo.
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We gotta give Martin a clean slate. It's tough enough making it in this league when you're mind is right. This guy had off the field issues that no doubt affected his preparation and play. He's still 2nd round pedigree and is worth taking a flier on IMO.
Originally posted by Allx9er:
Bye bye iupati

Doubt this signing means that.
Big p***y died on the Soprano's,got reincarnated,then traded to The 49ers.

Man f**k this guy and his f**kin circus thats coming to town.Whoever dont like my pov,0 f**kS ARE GIVIN.
I think Martin gives the team excellent depth at OG and OT for very little. I see little downside.
Baalke is raping the league
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Now we gonna draft the gay dude

NFL Network speculation is a 7th rounder which could become a 6th based on number of snaps he plays.
Can Richie Incognito start calling other people bad names so we can sign them too preferably Calvin Johnson

Great signing. Kids got talent and with a conditional draft pick this is a low risk high reward. He's on 24. Baalke is always looking years down the road to fill in the OL.
Agreeuote=49er4life]A smart player that the coaching staff already knows with a cap friendly contract.

Worst case he gets cut, there is 0 risk with this move.

Any 5th-7th round pick was going to have very little chance of making the team so to me this trade makes a lot of sense.
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NFL just announced the trade has happened. No link I am listening to the program.

Most likely conditional of him making the team--6th or 7th in the draft next year.

I have to think that Baalke and Harbaugh are talking to each other.
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Let's sign Incognito now
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
NFL Network speculation is a 7th rounder which could become a 6th based on number of snaps he plays.

Another smart move. Instead of spending late draft picks on guys you have never seen play in the NFL, Baalke is stockpiling young, talented guys coming from bad situations. He has NFL film on these players, which is why I love the moves. Between these moves and the draft picks spent on Lattimore and Tank, I think he keeps this team competing for a LONG time.
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