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49ers release Jonathan Martin

fun watching baalke work
This feels like the 2012 draft so far.
How soon before we hear from RI or RI's dad going ape sh!t about JM being able to catch on to a franchise?
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Perfect swing tackle. Now we can leave Boone where he is if we get a tackle injury
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Originally posted by Byisgod:
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
This is Baalke's peace offering to Harbaugh.

Or the result of Harbaugh winning a power struggle.

I keed, I keed.

Kinda funny all of a sudden were going after the Harbaugh Stanford guys like Martin and our interest in Gerhart
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He should be fine after a soap beating, maybe he'll go from this

to this
Originally posted by solidg2000:
That's completely false

All his PFF ranking means is that he was a rookie learning to play the position in the pros. It's one of the hardest positions to play IMO so it's not surprise he struggled. Plus he may be a guard. He needs to put on weight and get integrated into a scheme.
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Originally posted by frozen49er:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
BOOM, saw this s**t coming. Good depth for little in return.

Oddly enough Phoenix, so did I. Was going to post in a week ago in the Surprize Baalke Move thread, or whatever it is called, but was way to drunk to type.

Think its great, unless we gave up alot, but knowing Trents moves we dont. We need more linemen to compete, with all the negatives about him, most teams (Jets, CHI, DAL) wouldnt touch him. You had to know MIA was looking to get rid of him for a song to get rid of the media. So he had to come to a strong team with a strong locker room. We made sense. So did GB, NE......... Glad he's here, hope he does well and earns a spot on the 53.

Everybody and their dog linked Martin to us with Jim and the Stanford connection
Bye bye iupati
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I wonder if there are gonna be any pools of what week he will have a hissy fit and leave again....

7th round pick, who wouldnt make the team, for a player who will make the team is always a good deal
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
fun watching baalke work

He's a wizard. Strait makin' plays.
I KNEW IT!!! Now I'm only hoping the pick can be no better than a 6th.
A smart player that the coaching staff already knows with a cap friendly contract.

Worst case he gets cut, there is 0 risk with this move.

Any 5th-7th round pick was going to have very little chance of making the team so to me this trade makes a lot of sense.
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Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
wow harbs finally getting his stanford guys, wish he would have done it sooner with sherman and baldwin lmao, but maybe gerhart soon.

Toby Gerhart Signed With Jacksonville.
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