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NFL Week 4 Games/Comments Thread

Denver just won it. That is great. They are not giving the seahawks a good draft pick.
cowboys 2-2
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HAHAHAHA! f**k the cowboys!
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LOL @ the Pokes. They actually thought they'd be better without TO.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
Originally posted by 49erWill:
Things are going to get ugly in buffalo

Trade for TO

A dream that couldn't possibly happen.
hey both of the davis brothers got touchdowns today

vontae davis returned one for a td
Pam Oliver looks old
i got 3 picks wrong this week, go steelers!
LT is back?
chargers are playing like girls

mike nolon D is the s**t the worst team in defese now number 1 cuz of who MIKE NOLON gotta give that man sum respect
any1 seein the game dont talk about a comeback
Chargers won't pull it off.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Chargers won't pull it off.

yea true there D sucks
See how the Steelers are playing to win....

playaction pass on 1st down with a 7 point lead..and momentum against them....

THAT is what I want Singletary and RAYE to do when we are in those situations.

instead of just run run run.
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