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Broncos BRANDON MARSHALL asks for trade.

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Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by 1251alex:
Thank you for the links.

If Lloyd continues to catch like that, we may have to start calling him "Velcro" for his hands . . .

Man, that Broncos forum sucks, its tacky as hell with everyone having avatars for their name and avatars for signatures. The WZ is so much better and classy.

it does, im glad the webzone doesnt look like that, that makes my head hurt

Seriously. Webzone is easy on the eyes, and doesn't have all this avatar crap.
Originally posted by 4evrfan:
Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Originally posted by valrod33:
someone should go on to the broncos forum and post that gif of lloyd ducking at the ball thrown to him

post it, i'll do it

Originally posted by 49erFaithful:

I'm the last guy to defend Lloyd, 'cause he's a dick in many ways, but that "duck" video has been completely misinterpreted, and I can't believe more people haven't said so. His explanation for the duck jives more with what's on tape than the interpretation by fans that he's chickening out in some way. Are we to believe he's afraid of catching the ball in that circumstance? There's no defender within crushing distance, and if there were,you'd think he'd at least make a half-ass attempt at catching it, or folding up. Is it that he doesn't have the reflexes to put his hands up when the ball arrives too soon? I'd think he'd already demonstrated excellent reflexes many times before. Why'd he immediately look behind him when the ball sailed past his head? Did he look for a defender about to cream him on his crossing route, if he was in fear for his life? He may have alligator-armed a pass or two before, but the video seems to show a guy who wasn't expecting the ball right at that moment and probably thought it was going to someone behind him, so he ducked then glanced back to see if it got caught. He didn't look across field at an oncoming defender. He didn't go into any kind of protective posture in preparation of an imminent hit. The worst thing he did on that play, besides not catching the ball, was to throw his QB under the bus when explaining why he ducked. Yeah, it's fun and funny using the clip to illustrate his wuss factor; it just ain't accurate. I wouldn't want him back on the team, but I'd sit down to watch a highlight reel of his circus catches anytime.

What are you talking about? Look at the GIF again. He makes his cut, turns his head for the ball, which is delivered on time and on target right to him. He did what pop warner players do...and that is think that the ball is thrown somewhere else. You never duck away from a ball. That is just stupid.

You are right....he wasn't scared of getting hit. He just made the same mistake amateurs would make. I do that kinda s**t on the pick up games and my teamates find it unacceptable. In the NFL that should never happen.
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