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Good enough for the Chiefs but not the 49ers 😂

In this case, he wouldn't have made it without a trade-up, but the way we draft, I wouldn't be shocked if we took Moody even if Morris, Steen, and any other tackle prospect was still on the board.

Only took 95 and a comp 6th, 222 I believe. Could have probably used 99 and our comp 5th and gotten the pick plus a 6 in return. Brown, Morris, McGuire would have made me happy. Then would still have one last 5 and 2 6ths. Oh whale.

I definitely would've loved that haul. With that said, I can accept the Latu pick. Earlier than I would've liked but, those tight ends were gone. There isn't a TE left now that I think could immediately beat out Dwelley. Latu at least has a chance.

So Brown, Morris, and Latu and that's an absolute A. Another intriguing player is Adebawore. I thought for sure he'd be a guy.

I've been saying that we could legit use all 11 picks and the way this draft is falling so far, even with some guys going early, there is a lot of talent still there.

Adebawore and Jones were both big surprises to me, as I thought both had outside chances to be drafted towards the end of round 1. I would have loved to roll the dice on either.