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What will be our tops needs heading into 2020?

Yeah its super damn early since we just had this years draft but its always interesting to talk about next year, especially since there's not a lot of football news going down in the next couple of months. But with that said, what do you guys think will be our number one need next year and who are your early crushes at those positions? Here are some of mine.

1. Safety. I'm a little surprised and disappointed that we did not grab one this offseason. I'm not a fan of Ward and jury is still out on Colbert and if hes actually good. That said there is one safety prospect I LOVE and that is Grant Delpit. I honestly would trade up to the top 5 to get him and I am serious. Dude is a stud and if he's healthy he could possibly be the number 1 player in a lot of peoples boards.

2. Corner. There is still a lot of questions surrounding the cb group. We have Sherm, who should be dominant for us, but the rest are super unknown. Spoon could not follow up to his solid rookie year, moore is still raw but showed some flashes, verrett can never stay healthy, williams is meh, reed is intriguing but still hasn't shown much, and harris is a 6th round rookie. I get that this FO wants to see these guys develop but if they don't show something this year its time to address the secondary next offseason like we addressed the edge position this year. My top guy is Bryce Hall. It's a good thing that he did not declare this year cause I think he could be on of our top targets next draft

3. Tackle. Staley is getting old. We know he loves the game and could possibly play for a little while longer, but we still need to look ahead to the future. We have one young franchise tackle in MM but we need another young stud to come in, and next year we could possibly have the best tackle class in a long time. Trey Smith, Walker Little, and Andrew Thomas. All of these guys are studs and I would be so happy if we grab one of them. The most likely one is Little because I think he fits our scheme the best and has that stanford connection . I don't know too much about Smith yet but I'm looking forward to studying his game more. I actually found Thomas on accident when looking at Josh Allen tape. I just saw him destroy Allen and ragdolled him to the ground and left my self wondering who the hell is this kid?

imo these are our top needs heading into the draft. I think we had a solid offseason but there are always things we need to improve on.
Probably a new GM
Safety, Cornerback, Guard, Tackle, Center. One of those would be my guess.
Just going off of how this FO seemingly values positions I'm assuming Tackle will be the #1 target, next will be Cornerback then Safety then Kicker.
Originally posted by Hysterikal:
Just going off of how this FO seemingly values positions I'm assuming Tackle will be the #1 target, next will be Cornerback then Safety then Kicker.

I bet they'll await all the way till the 4th round to grab one
Safety (potentially both spots), tackle, guard, corner (depending on Witherspoon and Moore).
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Originally posted by Heroism:
*Post reserved for after 2019 season*

Originally posted by saniner:
Safety (potentially both spots), tackle, guard, corner (depending on Witherspoon and Moore).

Looks just about right to me

O line and DB's. Maybe inside linebacker.
If our biggest need isn't a new repetitive inside joke, it's a new repetive inside joke.
S, CB, OT, OG, Big WR (Yes we still need this. A big WR with speed this time. Not a gadget player who you don't know what position he plays and is slow).

Yes a new GM. For sure we need that. We need somebody from the Patriots war room who can make good decisions in the draft and FA. I don't think we can win with what we currently have on board. What did he ever have to be qualified for this? He was given a 6 year deal with no GM experience or track record at all (a classic Jed York move no doubt). But we are going to have to cut ties with him because he doesn't have a clue how to draft.

I would say new owners. But we are unfortunately stuck with them. Shanahan has some question marks and is overrated to me. But I think he can at least be functional with the right GM picking players.
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If it's not a QB, it's easy to obtain.
Originally posted by CatchMaster80:
O line and DB's. Maybe inside linebacker.

Niners will not need inside LB's with Warner and Alexander. They will need a SAM LB to upgrade from Smith, Greenlaw, and Nzeocha.
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