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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

Warriors AT Wolves, today at 5pm
AK 47 off to a great start
NASTY drive by Barnes over AK47! dat potential!
barnes our most athletic player lol
Originally posted by schmons:
barnes our most athletic player lol

you see that last drive after our 6th offensive rebound in a row?? beautiful
I think Barnes finally broke out of his shell
had a great game last game and has 12 pts and 6 rebounds so far in the 3rd quarter
Barnes has looked strong again tonight. Another guy giving the Warriors effective minutes.... Andres Biedrins. Yes him.

Came back after being otherwise occupied. Pleasant surprise. Warriors win. Gotta remember Rubio did not play for the Wolves. Warriors now have an inspired, more confident HB. Curry should work in a bakery. Great at making turnovers.
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Barnes is going to become a force in this league.

the drive at 0:43.. NASTY
Originally posted by YungAce:

the drive at 0:43.. NASTY

the one at 2:00 too doe
Go Chicago!
How do you think Barnes is performing so far? How do you rank him in the rookie latter?
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