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Originally posted by Garcia:
Originally posted by vrabbit:

your best PK shooter, assuming it's him since I don't know the team that well, should kick either 4th, 3rd or 1st but NEVER 5th

god that is a such a horrible mistake

He's not there best PK guy.
He's proven that on the big stage.

But he still should have taken the 4th penalty. Oh happens. Ronaldo played well very in this Euro - so I'm not going to blame him.

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Italia will win the Euro
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Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Italia will win the Euro

coming from a guy who probably has only said italia once in his life
Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Italia will win the Euro

Have a feeling Germany will run wild over them today. There older and slower and Germany is just as organized if not more. Lol at least that's what my heart says. Brain how ever is sending nervousness to my body.
Alemania is going to dominate
Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Italia will win the Euro

It will surprise me if Italy wins today...not because they can't - but Germans got 2 more days of rest. That will hurt them going up against a better, younger, and faster German side.
Is this match gonna be on espn radio? I have a 4 hr drive starting at 1 so I won't see the end.
Im prepared to listen to Spanish radio broadcast, otherwise.

Viva Italia!
Germany knocking on the door early. This italian defense is getting shredded so far. Ozil and kehdira are just running through
F*ck yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was sweet
Holy crap
Wow...this game is over!!!!

Group suck off to all the haters!!!!
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