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The Official BCS National Championship Game: #2 Oregon vs #1 Auburn

Flight delayed so looks like I'll miss at least the first half of the game.
I want lots of points and to see Cam Newton/LeMichael James tear it up.
This better be an epic game. Not like florida and ou
T-4 hours till kick off

go ducks
War Eagle - 45
Duck Soup - 38
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go ducks!!
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Originally posted by pantstickle:
F Auburn, and f Scam Newton.

Kenny Rodgers is that you ?

listening to the pre-game...

I hope O kills Auburn. I am tired of the talk.
I'm not a huge fan of any particular college football team but I've always liked the Pac-10 and SJSU... Cam Newton's my favorite college player though.. hmm
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I hate aubie...HAAATTTEEEE THEM...but I love the SEC (LSU Alum) so this night, and this night alone I will be going for War Eagle

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one more

Originally posted by zero:
one more

Those are hideous.