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With the launch of Lakers365.com, we added the ability to import your 49erswebzone.com Forum account simply by logging in. We have added this feature to our other sites as well.

Go to any one of our other sports forums and just use your 49erswebzone.com username and password to sign in. It will import your account information and create it automatically. You will then be prompted to log in one more time using your newly imported account. I am working on it so you don't have to do it twice.

Why bother? In case you are tired of team super threads and want to create new threads about specific topics. Or you want to keep from having fans of other teams come in and take the thread off topic.

This system is very much in beta so I would appreciate any feedback. It may not work if you have already used your 49erswebzone.com specified email address to sign up at one of those other sites. Other than that, it should work fine. But I will be trying to improve it in the coming months. Also, after your account is created, changing your password here should import your new password the next time you log in at any of the other sites.

Bay Area Sports Teams

San Francisco Giants (2010 World Series Champions)

Golden State Warriors

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Los Angeles Lakers (2009-10 World Champions)

Los Angeles Dodgers

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