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***2012-2013 Utah Jazz Thread***

Kanter looking good thus far! But this part concerns me...
That performance came just days after Kanter was, again, ripped by one of his coaches with the Turkish national team. Many in the country feel that Kanter should not have left Turkey to play in the NCAA, a sentiment expressed by Turkish assistant Nihat Izic, who recently told that Kanter is not ready to play in the NBA.
“Now he pays the price,” Izic said. “It’s not very easy when you do not play for two years. And now he is crying. He understood that it would be much better if he had played all year. He would be a better player and we would have more chance to use him. But still he is a young guy, a clever guy.”

Edit: Found this if you would like to watch the game Kanter comes in at the 24 min mark. His defense is suspect. I thought this when we drafted him. He often seems lazy and un-interested. We need that low post defensive pressure, hopefully I'm just seeing things or our coaching staff can turn that around.
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I REALLY hope the lockout ends soon. I moved to SLC for school, and it would be nice to finally watch a game live
News!!!! I'm not sure what to think of this. I'm kinda torn but not. lol

The Blazers are reportedly interested in interviewing Geoff Petrie and Kevin O'Connor for their general manager vacancy.

But neither the Kings or Jazz have received calls for permission to talk to either executive.

meh, petrie lost his touch years ago.

Kirilenko faceplanted a few days ago. Broke his nose, got a concussion...looked pretty bad
Originally posted by saniner:

Kirilenko faceplanted a few days ago. Broke his nose, got a concussion...looked pretty bad

damnitt! Still though, he's a F.A. so it's not a huge hit to the team. But AK47's one of my favorite players, sucks to see this happen to him...
So the Jazz reportedly lost $17 million last season. Rumor around the league is that they may have no option to sell the team.
I guess Ronnie Price and Earl Watson are both interested in resigning with the team. Also, the Jazz were looking at signing either Roger Mason Jr, Sebastian Telfair, or Rasual Butler. I would rather go with Watson over those last 3.

I don't expect any big signings or trades this offfseason. I think they'll sign a vet PG to backup Harris, as he has durability problems. He should be our starting PG for a few years as he is looking into buying a house out here. Also, he was the first player to arrive for camp.

Anyway, I'm excited about the young guys on our team. Favors, Hayward, Kanter, and Burks. That's a ton of potential for the future. I don't see the Jazz trading Millsap or Al this year, and would be surprised if it happened. I'd love for Millsap to stay long-term, as I think he would be a phenomenal 6th man. He is exactly the kind of player you want on your team. As for Jefferson, I want him around for 1-2 years to help Favors and Kanter develop their offensive games. Even if they wanted to trade him, I don't think they could get a fair trade considering his high salary.
Jazz making some moves!! They signed Jamaal Tinsley! He was shooting a phenomenal 31% in the D-league!


Should have just brought back Earl Watson.
Oh and KOC said this morning he wants to get an athletic shooter. So far they have been linked to Josh Howard.

Anyway, they need someone else to shoot from 3. Hayward is our only real threat.
Also signed Keith McLeod to camp.

new alternate UNI unveiled today

Earl Watson signed for 2 years. Means Tinsley will be the 3rd PG, and Ronnie Price is no longer needed
I'm exited to see this team in action. We have a young nucleus in Hayward, Favors, Evans, Burks, Kanter, but we also have some vets like Raja, Okur, Milsap, Jefferson, Harris, Watson, and Miles. It's tough to really know how good or bad this team is going to be this year. Corbin is basically a rookie H.C., he didn't have an off-season to install anything to a bunch of young guys. On the other end we do have those vets, and I see us running a Sloan type system so they could carry a bunch of the load for the early parts of the season. There is just so much mystery to this team this year. How good is Hayward? Can Memo make an impact again? Can Bell get his shot back? How will we balance this abundance of big men? How good will Kanter be? And Burks(looking forward to Burks), Will Milsap play the 3? I could go on, but you get the point. So much raw talent there it's tough not to be pretty anxious for the season to start.