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The 2010 South Africa World Cup thread

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Originally posted by DynastyChile:
Originally posted by NickV:
I think we can un-pin this now. Any last thoughts on the team you rooted for?

I was very encouraged and even surprised how well Portugals defense was. Especially for them with a history of wide open offense. Fabio Coentrao played lights out and is a superstar in the making.

Quieroz is being retained until the Euros. Until then he needs to make tweaks to the offense. Deco and Ricardo Carvalho ill most likely retire. Both have been class acts and really helped us out will on the squad. Especially Euro 04.

We have a youth influx coming in and the future is bright.

I thought the offensive gameplan was awful for Portugal. You gotta be able to come up with a goal against a different team than North Korea in a world cup w that kinda talent, thats kinda sad.

Spain is a stupid good defensive team, but comon Ronaldo couldn't even get the ball, and when he did it was two dribbles and fall down to try and get a free kick, there was no one there. That team has ridiculous potential, you need to get a new coach, and Nani back and with that D can be a force in the Euros and on to BRASIL14

I agree 110% Alot of people, including myself, wanted Queiroz fired because of the conservative offensive tactics. He has already come out and admitted that issue and even more so when the players expressed their disappointment saying they could have performed alot better. Which they should have.

Back to the drawing board and tweak the issues. Cause if its not fixed, his ass is gone.
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Germany is gonna be scary in 2014. I mean Crazy Scary Good.

Spain's time is NOW.

Good to see that there will be a NEW Champion.

bumping for ninerlifer's prediction 4 year's ago
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