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2009-2010 San Antonio Spurs thread


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I was just absolutely should have tried to cockblock Dirk. I think this is a rare exception to this Man Law. If I'm randomly out partying with Paul Pierce and he's trying to nail my friend...I'm feigning injury, emotional crisis, whatever...but I am NOT letting Pierce hit that without some level of passive-aggressive resistance. I don't care how nice he is.

I think I have to agree here. Then again, Najera probably would have given you a fierce noogie and made you hit yourself.

I'm laughing hysterically right now. Stop hitting yourself, dobo! Stop hitting yourself!

I guess we should say "Welcome back".
Well Spurs fans, where do we go from here?

Personally, I think we are missing 2 key elements and it has nothing to do with the age of Tim and Manu. I think those guys are fine as Tim was getting double-teamed and Manu was defended well by a very good defender: Grant Hill.

Weakness #1: Since Tim was getting double-teamed, meaning we got what we wanted from the Suns defense, then the problem lies in our perimeter shooting. We need a sharp shooter who can play solid team defense: Raja Bell??? I don't know how good is permeter shot is these days but the Richard Jefferson project was an ultimate fail. He has no heart.

Weakness #2: As solid as McDyss was for us, we truly need a 7-foot Center who can get some rebounds. Tim needs help and we got torched on rebounds in this series along with quite a few games in the regular season. I think this is the toughest component to add. Maybe we can get Oden and resurrect is career that never was.

We are extremely solid at both Guard positions with Parker and emerging Hill. We are very solid at the Forward position with Blair/Duncan/Manu.

We need Center (hard to find) and Sharpshooter (easy to find).
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