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Official 2009 #24 Cal Bears Football Thread

cal needs to be careful

maryland will be running a new defense...
Go Maryland!!!!

Cal favored by 21
Damn, my brother just called. He's pre-partying in the faulty lounge on campus.

They'll be staggering into the game shortly.

GO CAL!!!!!!
Originally posted by Conejo:
Feel free to check the 1st post now

It's gameday baby!

*cough cough*

I'm sick, guess I'll just watch the game tonight
c'mon Cal!!!

win by less than 21!!
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
c'mon Cal!!!

win by less than 21!!

I doubt we'll win by more than 20

but believe me, we wanna beat the Terps 250-0, BELIEVE ME
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30 more min!
Got my wisdom tooth pulled

Gonna watch the game now

very interesting matchup with this defense, Riley has to be very sharp tonight

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lets gooooooooo

if they call this s**t

yeah, they didnt
Best HAS to make that catch, right on the chest, I know over-the-shoulder can be tough but
niners should look at tyson alu-alu (sp?)
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