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FORBES: Kobe Bryant #5 Most Disliked People in Sports

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LOL at this thread. He has no friends! His teammates hate him! Even his wife hates him! He can't win without Shaq!

NEWSFLASH: None of you know Kobe Bryant or just about any other athlete personally. Almost every athlete has some fabricated persona that they put on in front of the camera. You don't know these guys as people. Stop acting like you do.

I hate the fabricated persona..

LOL, fair enough.
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We all know that he's one of the best ballers ever. (great) But the dude has been a dyck for a VERY long time. He's easy to dislike.

My question is "why isn't Sasha Vujacic in the top 10?" That guy's a douche.

I think you just hate the lakers

Kobe is disliked by fans and by NBA players. I think it's safe to say the guy is a jerk.

*see also his lack of friends!

Yeah after the game he walks through the tunnel alone to meet the only one who is forced to be with him...his wife...Even she can't stand em...He cheated on her. When that happens the woman never ever looks at her man the same. His team mates hate em. He talks s**t to them like they are his kids. No one likes that.

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