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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

7-9. New Head coach in 2009.
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Originally posted by kidash98:
A Joecool classic...

y'all know the drill.... What do you think our records this year will be???

Only the regular season, please....

Last year...

- 98

No one chose 5-11 last year, but after a 7-9 season who would. Out me down for 13-3 this year, no one chose that.
Updates made.
Originally posted by kidash98:
Updates made.

I'll try to update the chart today, too.
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Originally posted by kidash98:
Updates made.

I'll try to update the chart today, too.

Thanks C...
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2nd place NFC West


Oh man! I am looking forward to this year. Let's hope Alex Smith produces just a slight notch above his 2006 year and I think we can do 11-5!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't realize the schedule had this many weak teams. I had us losing our second game to the Rams because it is the second part of a back to back road game, same goes for the loss to Buffalo. It's nice to only have 2 back to back road games.

Regular Season
7-Sep Cardinals 1:15p Win (1-0)
14-Sep @Seahawks 1:05p Win (2-0)
21-Sep Lions 1:05p Win (3-0)
28-Sep @Saints 10:00a Win (4-0)
5-Oct Patriots 1:15p Loss (4-1)
12-Oct Eagles 1:15p Win (5-1)
19-Oct @Giants 10:00a Loss (5-2)
26-Oct Seahawks 1:15p Win (6-2)
10-Nov @Cardinals 5:30p Win (7-2)
16-Nov Rams 1:05p Win (8-2)
23-Nov @Cowboys 10:00a Loss (8-3)
30-Nov @Bills 10:00a Loss (8-4)
7-Dec Jets 1:05p Win (9-4)
14-Dec @Dolphins 10:00a Win (10-4)
21-Dec @Rams 10:00a Loss (10-5)
28-Dec Redskins 1:15p Win (11-5)

Side note: I express the right to change my vote due to any prominent injury or natural disaster.
Hate to say it, but I think this is a 6-10 team. It could be an 8-8 team, but we have a brutal schedule. Also, I just think there are too many unsettled parts (no edge pass rusher, no established quarterback) to realistically make a playoff run. But maybe next year....
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