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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is... Alex or Shaun or JT?

After a fair and open competition...

Alex Smith

I like Shaun Hill but at the end of the day Alex is just more talented. I think Martz will bring out the best of Alex and hone his talents for the benefit of this team. When Alex turns it on, he can be pretty good. Again, Im not basing this off "blind love" or anything stupid like that. Im basing this on the fact that Alex DID improve under Norv Turner...and I just think that with a Qb/Offensive guru like Martz at the helm...Alex is MORE THAN LIKELY to improve further. Its just basic logic. Martz has turned people with limited talent into potential HOFers. I think Alex's talents have yet to be utilized. I think Shaun Hill has a lower ceiling if you will.
Alex has deep arm capability, decent accuracy (when healthy...58% in 2006), and decent running vision/ability/escapability.

So again, based on logic...

Alex = good WHEN he has a good offensive coordinator
Therefore under Martz/Tollner = I suspect Alex will be pretty good.

Either way..go 49ers.
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If I had to pick it would be Shaun Hill. I like what he brought to the table in the 3 games he started. Not just winning but doing the small stuff to move the chains, buying time in the pocket; time to let his receivers get open.

In the end, which ever can produce the best in the new offensive scheme I'll be okay with.
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smith or brennan
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ya if it weren't for the money issue, i woulda gave hill priority over smith.

but then again, i wanted tim rattay over smith as well years ago
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However, Smith has proven he's a bust, so he's out.

Hill may or may not be. The jury is still out on him.

Therefore, in terms of hope.....Hill gives us a better future than Alex does.
A. Smith
Shaun Hill, easy choice

Originally posted by Ceadderman:
Stop the madness. Shaun Hill has TWO games under his belt. So he's the aire apparent we have been looking for since Steve went down.

I can't believe how people don't see this.

It's not like Alex has had any come back wins over tougher opponents.Joe and Steve do.

It's not like he has put the team on his shoulders and carried them to victory. Joe and Steve have.

It's not like he's accurate. Joe and Steve were and probably still are.

It's not like he has any drive or determination. Joe and Steve do...

In case you can't tell these are the arguments of haters and every one of them is wrong.

Cause Alex Smith is going to PWN!!! your azzes.

I agree, all u haters get rdy cause nolan and smith are gonna be here for a long time

I'm thinking Smith.
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I'd put my money on Shaun Hill.
--but I hope that Alex gets his s**t together and flourishes under Martz.
If Alex plays like he did in 2007 and Hill plays like he did last season, then Hill.
Alex Smith
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