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53 man roster

I would love it if Manningham were 100% at the #3 spot week 1.

The thought of Kap running the read option with Crabs, Boldin, Manningham, Vernon. and Gore/Hunter/James in the backfield makes me want to kill myself if I were the opposing defensive coordinator.

Coaches will spend so much time trying to scheme for our offense they won't have enough hours in the week to even start watching tape on our defense.
QB .Kap - Tolzien - McCoy
RB- Gore -Hunter -James- Lattimore
FB- Miller
TE- Davis-McDonald - Celek
T- Staley
G- Iupati - Kilgore
C- Goodwin
G- Boone - Looney
T- Davis- Bykowski

DE- McDonald - Carradine
NT- Dorsey -Williams
DE- Smith - Dial
LB- Brooks - Lemonier
LB- Willis -Moody
LB- Bowman - Skuta
LB- Smith -Haralson- Fleming
FS- Reid - Spillman - Robinson
SS- Whitner - Dahl
CB- Brown - Rogers
CB - Asomugha - Culliver -Cooper

P- Lee
K- Dawson
LS- Jennings

Lattimore will make the opening day roster , but wont suit up until mid season , Dixon wont be back in 2014

Bykowski makes the squad as our backup swing tackle , giving us a pure tackle for depth

Dial has the size to contribute this season , Tukuafu wont make it, Dial will develop into a solid lineman for us

Fleming will make the roster , giving us another pass rusher

Moody and Skuta help strengthen our special teams in a big way, Wilhoite loses his Job , but barely

Marcus Coooper has the size and physical tools that will earn him a spot on the roster , sending Brock to the Waiver wire
Originally posted by kap2crab:
Not sure if any 5th-7th rounders will make the 53 man roster so now we have a pretty decent idea what our roster could look like. My best guess:

QB (3)- Kap, McCoy, Tolzien
RB (6)- Gore, Hunter, James, Lattimore, Miller, Dixon
WR (6)- Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham, Jenkins, Patton, Williams
OL (8)- Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Boone, Davis, Kilgore, Looney, late round/FA OT
TE (3)- Davis, McDonald, Celek
DL (6)- Smith, Dorsey, McDonald, Carradine, I. Williams, Tukuafu
OLB (4)- Smith, Brooks, Haralson, Lemonier
ILB (4)- Willis, Bowman, Skuta, Wilhoite
CB (5)- Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Asomugha, Brock
S (4)- Reid, Whitner, Dahl, Spillman
K (1)- Dawson
P (1)- Lee
LS (1)- Jennings

That's 52. I think the last spot will be a DB with the competition being Cox, McBath, Robinson, and Mike Thomas. Perhaps even 3 of these 4 start the season on the 53 man roster if Manningham and/or Lattimore start season on PUP. Pretty badass roster if I may say so myself!

wow poor Williams still not liked , you put him as the 6th WR after a rook and a first rounder from last year who saw no action !
Alright i will take a stab at it but for the record this is not what I neccisarily think will happen but more of what I want to happen with several draftees and UDFA beating out some established back ups if this were to happene it means we had a virtually perfect drat and free agency:

QB - Kaepernick, McCoy, Daniels
RB - Gore, Hunter, James, DJ Harper, Miller
TE - Davis, McDonald, Marqueis Gray
WR - Crabtree, Boldin, Patton, Jenkins, Lockette
OL - Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Boone, Davis, Kilgore, Looney, Marquardt
DL - Justin, McDonald, Carradine, Williams, Dial, Dorsey, Okoye
OLB - Smith, Brooks, Lemonier, Haralson
ILB - Willis, Bowman, Skuta, Moody
CB - Culliver, Brown, Asomugha, Cox, Marcus Cooper, Daryl Morris
S - Reid, Whitner, Spillman, Dahl, Robinson
ST - Jennings, Dawson, Lee

IR - Lattimore, Manningham
whoa broa, u cuttin the LKG!?

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