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Which current 49ers player will come back strong in 2013?

Aldon has to prove that he can play without Justin.

Culliver needs to shut his mouth and shut down wrs instead.

Whitner needs to show he can be a decent cover safety.

Kaepernick has to live up to the hype and not falter under the pressure.

Nnamdi has to show that his tenure in Philly was a fluke.

Dorsey needs to show he is worthy of that top pick.

And last but not least, AJ Jenkins. Dude needs to get bulked and more confident.

I list all these players because I think all of them will have a strong season.
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I'll go with Dorsey. He was injured most of last season and is now on a team that plays very meaningful downs. Better coaching and better teammates will elevate his game and show us why he was a top 5 pick.
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
I say AJ wont be a 1000 yard season but he'll show all tha haters he was worth a first round pick ....

Doubt it
I know Kendall Hunter is going to come back hard, I know the barber shop e goes to and hes in GRIND MODE to return strong. I hope Mario Manningham will come back stong, he was a great weapon for Kaepernick a couple times. As much grief as Kyle Williams has gotten, he has proven himself to be a dedicated 49er and i know he'll be ready to help get that Superbowl championship. And Aldon, his shoulder should be fine by now, i dont really know the severity of the injury though but he's a beast and he'll break that record next season... Also, a fairly good player, Denarius Dobbs should be back healthy. Aj Jnkins will show some promise this season also.

My prediction is a little too positive because i know not all will return to their former skill but we can hope for the best cant we?
I am looking for a bunch of guys to skyrocket:

Hunter, who it seemed had just broken out before injury.
KYle, ditto
AJ BETTER have a break out yr.
Aldo...when healthy
Kap...who probably has shown us less than 50% of what he has. others I am hoping he is the one.
2 DLs, as yet not picked , but both start and play lites out. If jesse williams is one, expect alabama effort.
FS who starts and knocks 'em dead.
LMJ who gets inserted into the slot on occasion and is split wide of kap as the bailout option
Coach H.. who got us not just going but took us to the's hoping he's got the inexperience bug out of him. Ditto for roman.
Nnamdi who has a lot to prove, but reclaims his greatness
Justin...who gets a chance to recharge his batteries due to 2 new Starting DLs. He could become King Kong with a breather now and then
Assuming Goodwin is let go, our new C goes ballistic and is considered for all pro.
Our receiving corps...who could go from being good to being unstoppable.

Finally the D backfield which may be completely re-jiggered, and may have 2 new starters....i am not looking for them to have a break out yr, but a solid, good yr would be wonderful. Fangio is going to have to become more aggressive with lots more blitzes, which will help our D Backfield.
Ricardo Lockette will have a very stong season
Kyle Williams
A.J. Jenkins
Ahmad Brooks
I think Hunter will pick up where he left off and see his role increased
Kyle Williams i can see coming back on fire after the fumbles and an early exit last year
I see Nmandi having a big chip on his shoulder that when coupled with a more appropriate scheme could elevate his effectiveness (i dont think there is any reason he cant do what Sherman and Browner do)
Boone will be a probowl alternate at least. loved the way he was playing angry last year
Originally posted by doc_brown_:
This guy...

AJ dropped that pass because he was nervous. He actually has good hands, plus, he's fast! I hope he's having a good off season and becomes relevant in 2013.

who is their QB? he moves around and flings it like Russel Wilson
Originally posted by TheStick45:
I hope you are right, but I couldnt disagree more. Rogers is horrible. Aside from 2011, he has always been horrible. I remember being upset when we signed him.

You were upset because you didn't know anything about him. He has never been "horrible." He was always pretty good in coverage, he just never got the INTs he should have because he really isn't a "playmaker." This was the case in Washington and also here last year. He wasn't as bad as people want to think he was last season, but he certainly regressed from 2011.

Kendall Hunter will lighgt it up.
Originally posted by Constantine:
V. Davis. Will be back and reclaim his stature as best top three TE

I agree on this! I actually want to see him featured in the passing attack with Crabtree and Q
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Kendall Hunter will lighgt it up.

this and kyle. i think all our guys who were hurt like justin and aldon will return to form. little more depth added and we will be just fine
i really wana see Vernon go absolute beast mode, but i guess we need to draft another TE to free him from his blocking duties. I do sorta think that harbs uses vernon sparringly as his secret weapon so teams cant see it coming, but i would like to see him have another monster TD year like he did when alex was chucking him the rock.. i really think he could be better utalized in the red zone
I have 2, from O and D.

Hunter, should have a good year, and be groomed for the starting spot

Brooks, should get better, hoping for more sack total.
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