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Is our secondary in big trouble with the loss of Goldson? What should we do!?

What do you guys think we should do to address the weakest part of our team; the secondary?
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DLine is the weakest part of the team
Never knew we had Gholdson in our secondary.
Fire erebody
Yes our secondary is worse without Goldson.

But we won't miss Gholdson at all.
I was thinking, we could maybe draft a few dudes?
our secondary was in trouble WITH GOLDSON are ya dumb or stupid? our CB are young and talented with Brown and Culliver climbing their ceiling since becoming starters they will be much better this coming season. We will adress the DB in the draft we need a true FS not a SS to play FS aka goldson. Whitner would be great for stopping the run but at FS we really need a coverage specialist who doesnt bust a nut over a big hit but over a huge pick eh ya still love goldson and his demeanor but as i said Int are better than big hits i think right?
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We can draft Ried, Rambro, Eilam, etc
Watch baseball

Originally posted by English:
I was thinking, we could maybe draft a few dudes?

Heaven forbid the 49ers DRAFT replacements!!!! Don't you know ALL replacements are supposed to be over priced old age free agents???

Gholdson or Goldston?
Only if Gire
Draft a starting quality safety with better cover skills than Goldson and a real quick corner to cover slot receivers and add those two guys to what we already have and the secondary will be just fine. We don't need and the league obviously doesn't want any more "enforcers." We need cover guys. And it won't hurt to draft a starting-quality impact DE to start rotating with Justin Smith and some more depth on the D-line. Take care of those two areas via the draft and the Niner defense is nails.

And the good news is that all of this is available in this year's draft. It's very heavy and deep with defensive talent. Baalke knows what he's doing.
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