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Article: Are the San Francisco 49es Full of Themselves?

Originally posted by OKC49erFan:
49ers are doing it right. They won't overpay, that is great. They have taken care of their own, who earned their contracts.
It is a business, and it goes both ways.
The 49ers are looking to continue and improve success.
Some players understand that, and will work with the team to get what they have earned, but not hamstring the team (Bowman).
Others will take the payday with little chance of team success (Goldson & Bucs).

Exactly. It's about sustainability. We want want our core to come from the draft and will not jeopardize future seasons by breaking the bank of flashy FA signings. If the other team that operates this way is the pats it's hard to argue with that.
What the hell is eDraft?
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It seems the market value for ALL players is down from ALL of the teams.

Most high priced players don't seem to be willing to accept it yet.
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They aren't full of themselves. In fact, they stay true to the principle of free agency. Every year, you see bloated contracts given out players that don't deserve that kind of money. And as soon as that team gets caught in a bad season or a bad salary-cap situation, they cut ties to that player. Look at Laurent Robinson. He signed a multi year deal with Jacksonville last season, and got cut a few weeks ago.

The 49ers may not pay you top dollar, but they provide security to honor and complete your contract - with obvious exceptions of course.
I think there's one clear instance were he's right. Peyton Manning. There was no need to introduce that distraction if you're some 50 mil apart.

Balke's strategy is a great strategy, but you also have to know what you're working against.
It's a good model to use and it works. Works in college too. Nick Saban tells his recruits that they can come to Bama and win a National Championship or they can go somewhere else and watch bama win the national championship.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
This article reads as if it were written by a dyslexic 13 year old loaded up on Reese's peanut butter cups and cocaine.

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Players often have an over inflated opinion of themselves and want to get paid, it drives up wages league wide until something snaps due to the salary cap. Baalke is playing long term and playing smart so we don't see what happened to the Ravens - paying one player and decimating your cap.
An opinion piece written by a non journalist too lazy to proof read isnt an article. Its a glorified message board post. I dont lend this 'article' anymore credence than I would someone who posts here...probably considerably less considering there are many posters here who have proven their football knowledge to me, many times over....where as this guy doesnt know the difference between Endear and Endure.
My view about the front office "take it or leave it attitude" is the veteran free agents the 49ers are targeting have already made there $$$ and big contracts. I understand players need to be greedy and get as much $$$ as possible but the 49ers stance is if you want to contend for super bowl, we can offer the opportunity since your at the end of your career, wink wink Woodson, Abraham , & reed , and Namdi

That article is funny.

Maiocco has been talking about their approach to Free Agency for a few years now. This isn't new. Agents know this. If the agents know then the players know.

...and that hasn't stopped them from signing players.

You don't pay more than you think a guy is worth. Period. Thats the only way to SUSTAIN greatness.

Its pretty simple.

I actually think players would appreciate that the team is steadfast.
The converse of this negative take is that players get the impression that the font office is completely upfront and transparent about its intentions. There are no games. No hidden agendas. Just a very clear declaration of where things stand. That can also help in free agency as the team can build a reputation as an honest broker. Some people simply detest the game playing of negotiations and might prefer the way the 49 ers do business.
That article - to me - reads like it was written by someone who has never sat at a bargaining table.
If high priced free agents were the key to winning and success, the Redskins should have a closet full of trophies by now. I'm willing to stick by our method.
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garbage article
Originally posted by seahawk12thman:
This article presents the writers own abstract theories that isn't backed with any factual precedent. He suggests the hardline stance in evaluating talent at a certain cap price will put off top free agents from wanting to come there but then says that this is similar to the mindset of the patriots. Seems like the Patriots have done ok, in fact what has failed about this model for them? He finishes off the article by lamenting all the draft picks the Niners have and that he wouldnt' "bank against them" filling the holes. How does this make SF "full of themselves"? This article reeks of bias.

Written by a hater jealous seaturd fan no doubt.
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