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I don't agree with the idea that, because the Seahawks haven't won a championship there cannot be a rivalry with such a storied franchise as the 49ers, and also that the team is irrelevant. There is, quite clearly, a budding rivalry between the two organizations. It happens when two teams get hot in the same division at the same time. It's inevitable. Lets take a look at the facts here:

A. We hate the Seahawks fans.
B. They hate us too.

What more do you need for a rivalry? Granted there are other rivalries with the 49ers that I enjoy more, i.e. the Giants, Packers, Cowboys, but to ignore the fact that one is emerging between the niners and shecocks is just silly

What I mean about the Seahawks being irrelevant is their team provides nothing for me to care about. They're just some team that we play twice a year because they were placed in our division. They haven't even been around long enough for the whole "division rivals" thing to heat up. Not to mention both teams have been good simultaneously for a total of one year. That's simply not enough for a true rivalry. We don't even know if the Seahawks will continue their success. They came out of nowhere and can fall off just as quickly. We came out of nowhere last year, but we're going on season 3 under Harbaugh and it's unlikely that an NFC Championship birth and a Super Bowl birth are going to wind up being a fluke. The Seahawks went 11-5 and lost in the divisional round in the playoffs. The media is making them out to be a powerhouse, but I'd rather wait to see if they're legit or not before I start talking about some huge budding rivalry with them.